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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Roy Williams, Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson, Danny Green and William Graves following Wednesday's 108-70 win over College of Charleston at the Smith Center.

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Opening Remarks -

"Needless to say, we feel a heck of a lot better than we did Sunday -- seems like a lot longer than three days ago, I can tell you that.

"First half we, for some reason, went away from what we practiced yesterday and they ended up getting open threes - and they made them. In the second half we did a better job of doing what we tried to practice in staying with their man and not over-helping because they are a penetrate and pitch team. Our defense was better in the second half and yet they missed shots in the second half, too - I don't think it was all our defense. But we did a better job, we rebounded it better in the second half as well.

"Basically for us, it was an opportunity to get that bad taste out of our mouths that we had from the game on Sunday. College basketball is crazy. Boston College comes in here and imposes their will on us and plays great and tonight they play Harvard at home and lose by 12. It's a wacky business and I understood that many years ago and I think it gets more wacky each and every year.

"Again, we feel good. I thought Deon was much more involved today, Tyler was much more involved - I thought our whole team was. It was a good night for us. We've just got more gifts than Bobby's club, but it hurt them that one of their big guys could not play and then a youngster had his nose broken a couple days ago, so we caught them at a very good time for us. I do like Bobby's club and he's one of the nicest guys there is in the coaching profession and it's fun to be around him at any time."

What is Marcus Ginyard's status?

"I didn't feel like playing him tonight. He's been struggling quite a bit and he's just not where we want him to be at this time, so I decided not to play him."

Is that still his recovery from the foot injury or is it about getting back into game shape?

"It's everything. You've seen him play, too. Have you seen the offensive rebounds? Have you seen the steals? Have you seen the kinds of plays that Marcus makes his living on? I haven't either. So we're trying to give him a little more time and see what happens."

Can you talk a little bit more about what you're trying to do defensively when people are trying to penetrate and kick on you?

"Well, I thought we knew what we were doing and we did it perfectly yesterday in practice. What you try to do is be accountable and guard your man and then you don't need to help - but if you do need help, your teammate is ready to bluff early and then get back. In the first half we didn't do that.

"But we're working with kids. I said at halftime that we're going to play straight man-to-man defense and we score the first basket of the second half and guess what Ty Lawson signaled? One of our scrambles. I almost puked on the sidelines. And as soon as he did it he looked over at me and went 'My gosh, why did I do that?'

"But second half we did try to guard the man ourselves, fake early and still get back on their three-point shooters. And if a team is playing penetrate and pitch, it's not the best time to run your double teams. You run your double teams when teams run set plays on the offensive end with a couple options and you take them out of what they practice every day. But if you're playing a team that is doing penetrate and pitch with four around one and you do some double teams, they already have great spacing. So we didn't do a good job of it in the first half, but in the second half we were much better."



How much have you thought about the Boston College game the last couple days?

"Well, I think we've all had it on our mind in practice. We came out and everybody had a very intense practice because everyone was disappointed and we felt there were things we wanted to do better as a team. But also there was this feeling that we wanted to get some of that feeling of disappointment out of our system. It's still going to be there, but it helps that we won and played well."

The team has been dealing with some injuries - and several players are limping around here postgame. How are you guys doing health-wise?

"There are some aches and pains - everybody has those - and we're trying to play through them a little bit. But as far as how my health is going, I think I'm at the healthiest part of my season right now. I started off with a couple injuries and now I'm getting healthy."

Wake Forest will be looking to put you guys at 0-2 in the ACC. What are you expecting on Sunday?

"We know it's going to be a tough atmosphere over there. We've played there and it's a tough place - they are a good team and we'll have to go over there and be ready to play."



You fared a lot better tonight than your last game ...

"I was just playing my game and shot better. I made the easy layups that were presented - on Sunday I didn't make those. So I think I played a lot better."

They hit a bunch of threes to start the game. Is that a concern?

"Not really. We just need to work on our traps. The first half of this game we trapped and they got open threes by rotating. In the second half we stopped that and they shot 2-for-15 from three. So we either need to work on our traps or not trap at all."

Coach talked about wanting to get the bad taste out of your mouth from Sunday. Did you feel you did that tonight?

"We played against Charleston. I want to play against Wake to get the bad taste out of our mouth -- beat a good team. I still feel like BC is in the back of our heads so we need to get a good win."



How would you describe the mood of this team coming into today's game?

"I wouldn't say angry is the right word -- more hungry than anything, and just ready to play. It was good we had a quick turnaround so we could bounce back. Guys were hungry, ready to play, had a lot more energy and wanted to make a statement that even good teams have bad nights but we'd bounce back and improve."

What was the focus of the last two days of practice?

"Definitely defense, but also offense and executing our plays -- our big man posting up a little lower, our guards feeding the big men, making the extra pass, and screening better. But definitely boxing out, limiting teams to one shot and staying in front of guys defensively and not letting guys penetrate."

You're going to play a really quick team on Sunday night. Talk about what you have to do to win on Sunday?

"They're definitely a lot more experienced than they were and they do have a lot of quickness, but we're quick and we like to get down the floor as well. So it's going to be an up and down type of game and we know we'll need to stop the penetration, they can shoot it and they've got some good bigs. So it's going to be a tough matchup and we have to come out prepared and ready and if we execute our game plan I think we'll be fine."



How have you improved physically since you've gotten here?

"I've worked on my body, gotten stronger, gotten slimmer -- got a lot of fat out but I'm still strong on the inside."

You had a solid stat line tonight ...

"I'm always trying to fill up the stat sheet any way possible and try to find any edge out there. We need a rebound, I want to be the one to get the rebound. We need a steal, I want to be the one in the right position to get the steal. I'm a young guy living the dream and trying to do the best job I can."

You say it's like living a dream. What's it been like as you've worked your way into more and more playing time?

"It's always been a dream - I was talking about the dream of being here, playing here. Playing time is just a bonus. I work hard, do what Coach says and just try to find my niche in any way possible."

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