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North Carolina head coach Roy Williams updated Marcus Ginyard's health situation during Friday's press conference. Inside Carolina's coverage includes quotes and audio from Williams and Wayne Ellington, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels prepare to face No. 4 Wake Forest in Winston-Salem on Sunday.

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More on the Boston College loss:
"We didn't do what we talked about in practice the day before, and in the second half we did, and it was the difference in night and day. Now they had to miss some shots too, and they made some shots in the first half. You can't ever tell. I think sometimes we, and you guys fall in the same trap, that it's just about North Carolina. It's not just about North Carolina – the other team has a hand in it, too.

"I cannot have a player guard an outside shot better than Wayne away from our bench and Danny [Green] right in front of our bench against Rakim Sanders, and he made both of them. Physically, I cannot ask them to do anymore than they did. So sometimes, we have to understand the other team has a hand in it. We did play in the second half what we practiced the day before and what we had talked about before the game, and in the first half we did not."

Do you expect Marcus to practice today and do you have an idea when he might play again?
"I don't know. I'm very – you pick the adjective – frustrated, concerned. But I just thought and Marcus thought that he would be farther along at this step. We are even discussing holding him out for a little bit and just letting him rehab and seeing if he can get back to that point where he was in the past. And if that's the case, we'll be a heck of a lot better off. Again, the guy was our defensive player of the year.

"You look at our club right now – is there anybody that we can put out there that can make life miserable for the 6-foot-3, 6-foot-6 guy on the other team? And I don't know that we have. He hasn't practiced 50 percent of practice yet. Not a single practice that he's had since he came back that he's practiced at least half the time. There's some times when I'd like to have a healthy Marcus Ginyard out there and we don't have him."

Is the problem that there is pain in the foot, or is it just conditioning?
"I don't know that you can put a finger on it, but I'll say it to you this way – is it the Marcus Ginyard that you've seen the last three years? And that's what I'm standing on. In practice, I don't see the offensive rebounds. I don't see the steals.

"I put him in the game the other night against Boston College down the stretch, and who else did I put in with him? Do you remember the substitution? Bobby [Frasor]. Why did I put those two guys in? Because they were going to get to the right spot. Not necessarily because when they got there, they had the most.

"Because if you were to list Wayne, Bobby, Danny, Marcus – who would you put as the least athletic of that crowd? Bobby, but he was going to get to the right spot and we were trying to trap and those kinds of things. Marcus, mentally, he knows where to go, but when he gets there, he doesn't have a heck of a lot in the tank."

Is there any situation in which you could envision red-shirting him?
"Right now, I'm trying to get Marcus ready to play for our team. Period. You guys look at it yourself – isn't there sometime that you're going to want a healthy Marcus Ginyard? And that answer is every day. But you also open your eyes yourself and look at it and we don't have that right now."

Has he practiced this week?
"Yes, he's practiced every day this week. He will practice today. After today, I don't that, well, I don't know what I'm going to do with him. I really don't. I'm just being honest. I don't know what I'm going to do with him. But I will say this again – he has not practiced 50 percent of any practice all year. So that means that he won't practice 50 percent of practice today, either.

"We're trying to… I don't know, guys. We're in unchartered waters. What was he operated on, Oct. 8? So I'm thinking on Dec. 3 [is when he will play]… And I don't think the doctors would have told me I was wacko at that time…

"There is one f'ing source – that's frickin', don't put anything in there that's not there – and I don't know."



On Wake Forest:
"It's going to be a big-time game. There's going to be a lot of intensity. It's going to be very competitive. We know that they have a very good team this year and they've got some guys that are very talented and we're definitely looking forward to the challenge."

On the team defense:
"We kind of had a little lapse where we didn't focus as much on the defensive end of the floor. And I felt like the other night, we came in after the first half and Coach just said that everybody needed to responsible and accountable for your man. I feel like we all came out with a mentality that we were going to stop our man. We're going to be in our help-side position when we're not on the ball, and at the same time, when our man does get the ball, we're going to stop our man. And I think that worked for us and it helped us."

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