UNC-WFU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Roy Williams, Ty Lawson, Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Green following Sunday's 92-89 loss to No. 4 Wake Forest at Lawrence Joel Coliseum.

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Opening remarks:
"Well, we congratulate Dino [Gaudio], his staff, his team and their fans. It was a great atmosphere and a great college game. It wasn't necessarily pretty all the time, but it was a great college game for the competitiveness. I told Jeff Teague that that was about as good a performance as I've seen in a long time against a team that I've coached. I thought he was sensational. Two years ago they had trouble stopping people and had trouble on the defensive end. Dino and his staff have done a great job. They guard you. There's a reason we shot 35 percent and it was because of their defensive play.

"I loved Skip Prosser. I loved him to death. He was one of the nicest guys I've ever been around. This is Dino's club right now and he needs to be congratulated for the way he handled one of the most tragic situations I've ever seen in my life. He also needs to be congratulated because he's coached his rear end off here the last couple of years.

"I never felt like we were going to make a shot. In the first half, I thought our turnovers really hurt us because of how silly they were. We were down nine or 10 in the first half and came back and had a chance to go two-for-one and turn it over on the baseline so we go into the half tied. To be honest, I felt like we were pretty lucky because we had turned it over with so many bad decisions. In the second half, it went back and forth a little bit and they stretched it out.

"I really liked the way my club tried to come back. We just gave ourselves too big of a hill to climb. We didn't make enough shots, turned it over too much. The best team tonight won the basketball game. We congratulate those kids and Dino and his staff because they're really done a great job."

On starting ACC play 0-2:
"It's what it is. We're 0-2 and we have to try to play better and be more effective. I told the kids that during Tyler and Bobby [Frasor] and Danny's freshman year, we were 3-3 at one time and ended up 12-4. It is a long season. I'm still looking at the big picture and know that we can get a lot better. There's no question that the conference race is always our number one goal, but it's not over with after two games."

On the foul trouble for his team during the second half:
"I believe you have to give their defense credit. I thought we had some looks that we were going to make that we didn't. It was a physical game. There were 55 fouls called, I think, and a lot of free throws. It was a physical game. I never thought it was a dirty game by any means. It was a big-time basketball game in a big-time basketball atmosphere."

On Wake Forest's size:
"They have great length inside. It's hard to score inside. It's hard to get an open look inside. That length keeps coming at you from the bench too. I was at Kansas one time and we had Greg Ostertag, Raef LaFrentz and Scott Pollard, three guys that were 6-11, 7-0 and played in the NBA for a while and it was tough for people around the basket. You look down and you have nine assists and 18 turnovers. That's not the way we're supposed to play basketball."



On guarding Jeff Teague:
"He's tough. He's crafty with the ball. He gets in one-on-one situations and he's kind of tough. And also, with the ball screens, it was hard to defend him, especially the way that we went and guarded him. But that's no excuse – we've got to get over ball screens and play hard."

On the caliber of guard play in the ACC:
"It's tough. There are tough guards. It's one of the best conferences in the nation, so day-in and day-out, the point guards are going to dominate the ball and do most of the scoring, so we've just got to get ready for it and put emphasis on defense."



On the loss:
"Obviously, we're mad right now about some things, but with these next couple of practices, we'll look forward to playing again."

What are you mad about?
"About losing. It's frustrating – we'd much rather win these games, but it's going to be some learning things for us and we'll go from there."

Did you feel any additional pressure coming in here after the Boston College loss?
"Not necessarily more pressure. We understand that we're both top-5 teams and we know we're in-state rivals and it was going to be a tough game and we knew the atmosphere was going to be crazy."



On the 0-2 ACC start:
"It happens. I've been here before when we were losing, so I know what it's like… My freshman year – we lost games. It happens. It's part of life. Just how you bounce back shows what kind of character you have as a team and as individuals."

On how this team will respond:
"I know this team and I know the character that we have on this team. I don't question that, or how tough we are. I know that we're going to bounce back and we're going to keep pushing forward."

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