UNC Keeping Eye on Smith

North Carolina has targeted a handful of wings in the 2010 class. Harrison Barnes, Travis McKie and Roscoe Smith appear to be at the top of their list and UNC's head man was checking in with Smith this past weekend.

Williams made the trek to Baltimore (Md.) Walbrook for the second time this season last Friday. He was also at Smith's first game of the season.

This past weekend, Williams watched Smith record 18 points, 12 rebounds and a handful of highlight-worthy blocks in Walbrook's 56-46 win over Northwestern.

"Every chance he gets he comes to see Roscoe, so that's a plus," Brian Thompson, Roscoe's father, said.

It's clear that North Carolina is keeping a close eye on the 6-foot-7, 185-pound small forward. Their presence at his games this season certainly hasn't gone unnoticed.

"He's been coming out here and calling," Thompson said. "They are doing everything the right way. He makes the decisions to come to the games. He's not sending the assistants; he's coming to the games by himself. I think he's seen Roscoe more than he's seen anybody."

"He's seen Roscoe more than anybody, so that tells me a lot," Smith's father continued. "If he wasn't one of their top recruits, he definitely would be sending his assistants."

Although the attention from the Heels staff is frequent and steady, they haven't yet offered Smith a scholarship.

"I think the way he wants to do it is that he wants to wait for Roscoe to come to campus," he said. "That way him and Roscoe can talk face to face. He wants to talk to him eye to eye. That's how they want to do it."

At this time there isn't a plan to visit North Carolina in the near future. According to Thompson it's something they want to do, but it'll likely have to wait until after the high school season.

"We are focused on the season," he said. "We haven't had time to get away during the season. It's just been kind of tough to get away."

It's not just North Carolina that has littered Smith with attention. John Thompson has been a common visitor to Walbrook games this season, and the Hoyas have put forth a big effort with Smith.

Among the other programs that are recruiting him are Florida, Connecticut, Texas, Maryland, Memphis and LSU.

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