Friday PC Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's Friday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams and Ty Lawson, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels welcome the Miami Hurricanes to the Smith Center on Saturday night.

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On the NCAA's decision to change the definition of a prospect from a ninth-grader to a seventh-grader:
"Makes no difference to me. I'm not offering a scholarship to a seventh-grader, anyway. I struggled like crazy offering two as sophomores last year, so it makes no difference to me. If people really think it was needed, hopefully it will be a rule that serves its purpose. I've seen so many of those rules not serve their purpose, but I don't get too caught up in it."

Injury updates on Marcus Ginyard and Tyler Hansbrough:
"Marcus, as I said last week, I'm not doing anything with him for 10 days to two weeks and that would be up Wednesday. He has not participated in one play in practice. He has not participated in any game day shootarounds. He goes over with Chris [Hirth], our trainer, and Jonas [Sahratian], our strength and conditioning coach, and he's doing a lot of things to try to help rehab his foot. I have no earthly idea what he would look like in a practice right now, so I guess that's the update on him.

"Tyler – they did an X-ray this morning that showed nothing severe enough to say that he can't play. He's going to be in pain and it's going to bother him for a while, and that's it.

"I've already made out the practice plan [for Friday], and everybody's full go except for Tyler Zeller and Marcus."

On Bobby Frasor:
"Here's a guy who went through all kinds of struggles with his foot and ACL surgery, and is one of the most intelligent basketball players I've ever coached. To sit up here and say that he's not what he used to be is pretty damning. I'm not going to say those kinds of things. Marcus is at a point where he just wasn't ready.

"With Bobby, he got in the game last night and shot an air ball, and that's what people are going to remember. They're not going to remember him sprinting back on defense and getting position on [Sylven] Landesberg and Danny [Green] comes over and blocks the shot. Danny has no hope of making that play unless Bobby did his job.

"So you can look at him and everybody can say, 'Well, he's not exactly doing what he did as a freshman,' and its true. But that's sports. Sometimes it takes longer to come back, and sometimes guys don't get back to where they were. But I just know his freshman year he was a complete player for us. And that's the only year that he's been injury-free. Right now, he's doing as much as he possibly can."

On Will Graves:
"He's done a nice job with his body. He came in at 279 and he's like 239 now, so he's really done a good job. It's been a long process. But I think now that he can move effectively enough to defend people, and he can move effectively enough to get to the backboard...

"He's not making his shots in the games, but I think with experience, that's going to come as well. He makes them all of the time in practice against the first bunch, frustrates the dickens out of them because he makes a bunch of them, but I think he's paid the price in many ways to get his body in shape to be a basketball player. I've been much more pleased with his focus on the court in practice, and I think that directly relates to more time on the court [in games]."



On how the changes that Williams installed helped the team rebound from its two ACC losses:
"They've helped us out a lot. He told us about shooting percentages and taking better shots - not taking shots with a hand in our face. And also on defense, just helping all of the way in and not sticking your hand in there. That helped out yesterday, because we made Virginia make an extra pass and have to make a shot."

On Danny Green:
"He just looks comfortable out there, and he's knocking down shots. He's playing a lot better - that's probably because of growth and maturity. Danny's a great player, and he's explosive on the offensive end, and on the defensive end in getting blocks and things like that."

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