Monday Roy Williams Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams spoke with reporters Monday for his weekly ACC teleconference.

Opening remarks:
"Well, needless to say, we feel better than we did last Monday. We had a tough loss last Monday at Wake Forest, and this past week we won at Virginia and then were able to beat Miami here on Saturday, so everybody's a little more positive and has a little more bounce in their step. But when you start thinking about Clemson coming in here, it slows that step down a little bit. The ACC is what it is. It's a wonderful, wonderful conference and it's extremely difficult every night you play. We'll have to have two great days of practice and then we'll see how it goes on Wednesday night."

On Wayne Ellington's knack for big games against Clemson:
"I think, first of all, it usually is an up-and-down game. When it's an up-and-down game, sometimes human nature is to run into the lane to stop layups and inside shots by the other team, and then all of a sudden, you have to build back out that pressure. I think that's also something you can say [about] K.C. Rivers, who's been pretty doggone good against us for the same reason. So we've got to run back and find K.C. in transition and I would suspect that's what they'll try to do with Wayne."

What's the key in getting Ty Lawson dialed in defensively on a consistent basis?
"I think a lot of it is maturity. In each and every game, I think he is learning more about what he can do defensively, and I think that's important. He's been pretty consistent with his defensive grades, it's just that he's been a little inconsistent with the amount of ball pressure that he puts on the other team's point guard.

"A lot of that has to do with how good they are. Somebody like Jeff Teague – it's hard to put a great deal of ball pressure on him because he goes by you in driving the ball to the basket. That's part of his big-time game. I do think that Ty will play well and I think that he'll do a good job defensively, but you have to give some consideration to what the other guy can do and what he does well."

Larry Drew and Ed Davis both have fathers that played in the NBA. How do you think that may have shaped their games?
"I definitely think it shaped their game in that both of their dads have tried to make sure that they're fundamentally sound. They probably have similar styles to how their dads played. In Ed's situation, I think his dad was more of a defender and a rebounder, and that's what Ed is. In Larry's situation, he was a sound, fundamental guard and I think that's what his son is. They've both been fortunate to have those kinds of people with them and their background that have always been there to help them out with their game."

How would you assess your bench play this year? Are you still looking for the spark that Danny Green provided last year?
"It depends. Our first year here, we had Jackie Manuel coming off the bench and he came in and did things for us defensively, picking up a loose ball and getting an offensive rebound. In the second year, we had Marvin [Williams] coming off the bench and he was great offense for us. And Marvin was really good defensively, as well. But I think the instant production coming off the bench with points is something that was important, and that's what we had from Danny.

"We don't have that so far this year. We've gotten good play from different people. I think Ed comes in the game and gives us a defensive [option] and rebounding, and that's important to us. Bobby [Frasor] did a really nice job defensively on Saturday when he got in the game, but we haven't had someone that comes in and gives us much scoring, and we would like to have that, no question. But one thing to do if you're [on the] bench – don't hurt us, that's the first rule, and do anything you can to help us."

Concerning the ACC's proposal to set an earlier deadline for players to announce their intentions to enter the NBA Draft, what is your response to opponents of this measure that believe it does a disservice to the players?
"I think [the coaches] in the ACC, we couldn't come up with a perfect date that everybody agreed upon, except that we did come up with one thing that everybody [agreed on] and that's the time period is way too long. Anybody that says that what we have now is okay… I have a difficult time understanding that. A football player has 48 hours or three days or something like that, and they're able to get their information. A basketball player doesn't need two months. I'm not against a basketball player getting great information – I'm not against that at all and I don't think any of our coaches are. But two months? My gosh, come on…

"With the information we have – I have 15-20 scouts at every big game we play. I'll have 10-15 teams represented; some of those will bring two people. They've got a bunch of information already. There's no need for two months. Anybody that says that we don't want them to have information is not giving the true picture. We want them to have information and we want them to have accurate information. But there's no need for it to take two months."

If this rule had been in place last year, do you think any of your guys would have come back to school?
"I don't know that I would agree or disagree with that. The information that I gave them immediately from the NBA committee was almost identical to the information they had two months later."

On Marcus Ginyard:
"We're going to hold him out until Thursday of this week, and then try to re-evaluate and see where we are. He will not play against Clemson."

If he plays in another game, will that affect his red-shirt option?
"My guess is – and please emphasize the word ‘guess' – is that if he plays in one more game, and then something were to happen, then it would have to be [on] an appeal basis, and who knows whatever is going to happen with that."

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