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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Roy Williams discussed the possibility of Tyler Zeller returning to the lineup this season, as well as providing an update on Marcus Ginyard during his radio show on Monday night.

On Miami:
"We were down nine and there was about 5 ½ minutes to go [in the first half], and we got much more emotional and enthusiastic about it, greater intensity. We got some wonderful blocked shots from Ed Davis and Danny Green and the crowd got into it. Tywon [Lawson] did a great job defensively out at the point, 35 feet from the basket, and created a couple of turnovers. And then, all of a sudden, it was a 13-0 run for us at the end of the half.

"That's the way you're supposed to play. You're supposed to play with emotion. You're supposed to lose yourself in the game – I say that all of the time to the kids, and I think we finally did that. We came out in the second half and did some nice things. I told Wayne [Ellington] and Tyler [Hansbrough] today that they shouldn't be too tired – they only played half the game each on Saturday. Tyler played the first half and Wayne played the second half, but they didn't buy into that very much."

On the possibility of Ed Davis moving into the starting lineup:
"Ed is doing a good job for us coming off the bench and rebounding and blocking shots. There's no plans to make any changes to the starting lineup right now. We'd love for Deon to be a little more productive and be a little more positive about what he's doing, but in the game Saturday, he had eight rebounds in the game. So there's no plan to do anything like that right now. Both of them are going to be extremely important to us, and we're doing okay…

One other thing, too – it's not always who starts the game. It's who mentally is in the best shape and how many of those guys you have. I'll give you an example. Marvin Williams never started a game for us. We won the national championship and a lot of people said, ‘Why didn't you start Marvin?' Well, Jawad, mentally, was a lot better off as a starter. I don't know that Jawad would have been as comfortable coming off the bench. Marvin was comfortable coming off the bench, so we had two guys."

On Monday's practice:
"We played the game Saturday and we gave them [Sunday] off and then practiced today. It was a big-time practice. It was very competitive. We split them up and have a contest and the losers do a little bit of running, so it was a good practice today. They really got after each other. They were complaining at each other and complaining at the officials, which was me [and the coaching staff]. But it was very spirited and all of the competition was really good."

You like competitive practices, don't you?
"Yes, and I think we've tried to do much more of that the last 10 days than we had earlier [in the season]. The only tough thing today was the very last play of practice, Larry Drew sprained his ankle. I told him I'd let him get by with it this time, but if you're going to sprain your ankle, do it earlier. Don't wait until the very last play before you have to run sprints, so I think he understands that part of it. We don't think it's anything serious, but you hate to have something like that happen."

On Tyler Zeller:
"My weeks are running together, but I think it was last week that he had his cast removed completely. He doesn't go back to the doctor again until Feb. 4th or 14th – it's one of those. Yes, there's a chance that he could come back and play again, but that's not what we're expecting [and] that's not what we're planning. If you bring a kid back and he plays three basketball games, then he loses a whole year's eligibility.

"So I'm saying 99.9 percent that he will not come back. I just think that's the prudent thing to do. But there is a chance that he could, and my big deal is that I want him to come back and start practicing because I think it will help him out so much in the future if he can get out there on the practice floor. And he's been great – I said something like that to him and he said, ‘Yeah, Coach, I need to get out there and play against Tyler,' because he understands how much that's going to help him.

"There is no plan right now to have Tyler Zeller come back and play at the end of the year. We're trying to get him healthy and trying to get him back into practice situations, and hopefully, when he goes back to the doctor, I'm hopeful that they will release him at that time to start doing some minimum practice activities. But I'm not even really counting on that, because they said 12 to 16 weeks and I think when we did the math on that, it gets you to the end of February. I just don't think it's worth it to do those kinds of things."

Is Marcus Ginyard making progress?
"I have no idea… He has not practiced. He will not practice [on Tuesday] and he will not play Wednesday. We're going to give the guys a couple of days off after the Clemson game and I'm hopeful that we'll be able to get some things going with Marcus back out on the court hopefully next week… I know that the absolute earliest that he would come back and practice would be Sunday of next week, and then I think it would take us a little bit to evaluate where he stands at that time."

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