Recap: Shoop & Withers

Inside Carolina's Buck Sanders conducted in-depth interviews with UNC offensive coordinator John Shoop and UNC defensive coordinator Everett Withers and authored five-part feature stories from each session. If you missed them the last two weeks, here's the index ...

Shoop, Part I:
Shoop, Part II:
Game Planning
Shoop, Part III:
Play Calling
Shoop, Part IV:
Shoop, Part V:
QB Growth
Withers, Part I:
Fitting In
Withers, Part II:
Football Junkie
Withers, Part III:
Withers, Part IV:
Changing With The Times
Withers, Part V:
Path to Improvement

For much more from both Withers and Shoop, be sure to read Buck Sanders' "Offseason Report" in the March Issue of the Inside Carolina Magazine due out next month.

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