Heinz wary of UNC recruiting Leak

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – If North Carolina is able to land prized Charlotte quarterback recruit Chris Leak, then it is likely that Tallahassee's Roger Heinz will withdraw his commitment and accept another offer – possibly from Maryland – Roger's father Tom Heinz said on Sunday.

"When we looked at it, we were told, up front, that [UNC] was taking two quarterbacks," Tom said. "Just like we made our commitment, we felt like North Carolina was making a commitment to us. If Roger was good enough to be offered early on, then we're wondering why you would bring another guy in at this late date, unless you are going to make him a receiver, which is fine with us. If you want to tell [Leak] that he is going to be a defensive back, well then Roger would probably stay there.

"The people at North Carolina need to know that Roger has many other offers," he said. "Maryland and other schools have left their offers there. They send him letters telling him, ‘If things change, let us know.'

"So at that point, it may be in his best interest to look at another program where he would be the No. 1 guy"

Tom is a Florida State graduate whose oldest son Matt is a redshirt freshman offensive lineman for the Seminoles.

Roger would also like to set the record straight on why he might choose another school if Leak decides to play in Chapel Hill.

"A lot of people have said, ‘Oh, Chris Leak's coming there, so I'm going somewhere else,'" Roger said. "That is not it. It's the fact that there would be three quarterbacks there: Nick, Chris and myself. Anybody understands that having three incoming quarterbacks in one class is not a good situation; somebody is going to be sitting.

"If three quarterbacks come, you've got to have a backup plan just in case," he said. "I'm not saying that I have a backup plan, but I want people to understand that I am not shying away from Chris Leak if he comes. It makes me do a ‘double-take' if three quarterbacks sign – that's the big thing."

"That would be two similar quarterbacks -- Roger and [Leak] as the athletic, runner-gunner types – and then you've got [Cangelosi], who is taller, drop-back type guy," Tom added. "It's a business decision."

All of this speculation could become moot if Leak doesn't choose Carolina, although reports surfaced this week saying the Tar Heels had moved up on Leak's list. Tom said the UNC coaching staff told him recently that the chances that the Tar Heels would get Leak were slim.

"We asked them point blank, ‘What are the odds of Mr. Leak coming to North Carolina?'" Tom said. "They said, ‘Probably, less than five percent.' [The UNC coaches] are not as excited as maybe the alumni is. There is a lot of hype, but they don't really think [Leak] is going there."

Roger's mother Mary, a lifelong football fan who plays on a rugby club team, believes that her son may have more to offer, despite Leak's impressive numbers.

"Stats are just not everything," Mary said. "[The UNC coaches] have seen tape on both quarterbacks. A No. 1 ranking can be totally meaningless. When we look at the two tapes – of course, we're parents – we see very similar quarterbacks, and that Roger has a leg up on him. He's three inches taller and can perform in very similar ways.

"It just depends on what kind of school that you go to," she said. "Roger's team this year was down, with very limited people coming in. [Leak's] school has open enrollment, with quite a fine tradition of bringing in quality players. We had no receivers and he had a ton of receivers."

Stay tuned for the Up Close Feature on Roger Heinz, coming this week …

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