UNC-FSU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Roy Williams, Ty Lawson, Tyler Hansbrough, Danny Green and FSU's Toney Douglas following UNC's 80-77 victory over the Seminoles on Wednesday at the Donald L. Tucker Center.

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Opening remarks:
"Well, I sit up here and have the most mixed emotions that I've ever had after a game. One is that I'm so proud of the things we did. We're down three and we get a big steal and go down and lay it up and get fouled. We made free throws down the stretch. Danny missed one, but other than that, we made seven of our last eight. People talked all year about us needing to have close games, so I'm as proud as I can be at that…

"And then the other emotion I have is how lucky we were. That's the bottom line. We were going to try to throw it to the center line and try to call timeout, if they allowed us to throw it there. If not, we were going to throw it in to Tywon and let him go as far as he could go and shoot it since it was a tie score, and needless to say, it was very lucky and very fortunate for us that it went in. It's frustrating to shoot 38 percent and have 21 turnovers, but we were lucky as all get-out.

"I thought Danny Green was huge, yet he had some of the weirdest turnovers [and] shots. I told him that one he drove in there and just flipped it up… It was an air ball that never got eight feet off the ground and there was no basket there. It looked like me or Coach Holladay driving in there and making a play, and yet, he made some big plays for us. I thought Ty was huge for us in the second half."

On Ed Davis' play in the first half:
"He was the only guy that was tough enough to get in and get a rebound for us. I thought he gave us some toughness at that time… But Ed, he wasn't nearly as effective in the second half, but eight points and eight rebounds in 22 minutes [is good]. A couple of his blocks were important for us in the first half, because I thought they were about to run away and hide from us in the first half."



How far down the court were you trying to go on that last shot?
"Just as far as I could. We normally run sprints in practice, so I know how long it takes me running full speed to get to the end. Basically, just once I got it to halfcourt, I looked at the clock and saw I had one second and took two steps and threw it up."

How fast can you run the length of the court in practice?
"Probably 3.5 [seconds], if I run real hard."

Do you think FSU was surprised with that trap that led to Danny's steal and layup?
"Yes, I think so. I don't think they thought we were going to trap right there, especially only being down three and it being a one possession [game] with two minutes to go, so it was a good call by Coach."



On picking up three early fouls:
"It's frustrating. I couldn't do anything by cheering for my teammates on the bench and in my situation. So when it came to my chance to get back on the court, I tried to help my team out any way possible."

On guarding Douglas 30 feet from the basket:
"I was confident, because there are times in practice where I'm [guarding] Ty with the ball. If you ask me, he's the quickest guy in college. My main goal was to contain him and to keep him in front of me and not let him blow by and just get a hand up on the shot."



On Lawson's game-winner:
"That's a tough shot – I taught him well. It was a heck of a play. That's hard to do, especially against a set defense. They had plenty of time to set up – I think there was a couple of timeouts [during that time]. The referees were holding the ball for I don't know how long, because I was waiting for them to throw the ball in. He got the ball and just ran and I guess they didn't want to foul him, so they let him get a shot off."

On playing in a physical game in foul trouble:
"It's tough, because you don't know how it's going to go. At some points, it's physical and the ref lets it go, and other times, they're going to call fouls. We got a lot of fouls just hedging out on screens. A lot of our bigs were in foul trouble. Tyler was in foul trouble. They were just calling ticky-tack on some of them. It's hard to see how the game is going to be called in that type of way, especially when it's physical and then they want to tighten it up."



On what happened defensively on the final play of the game:
"Just miscommunication, I guess. I thought [Derwin Kitchen] had him coming down the court and then he just let him go, so I don't know. I've got to watch the film to really see. It happened so fast."

On his errant shot in the closing seconds:
"I wish I could do it over again. I would have taken it to the rack. But hey, it was a spur of the moment thing… They came up and tried to double team me, and then they had a big on me with length, long arms. But I shouldn't have settled for my jump shot. I should have taken it to the rack, or if there was help, kick it to one of my teammates."

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