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Inside Carolina's Friday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Green, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels travel to Raleigh to face rival N.C. State on Saturday.

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On the death of N.C. State women's basketball coach Kay Yow:
"Let's make sure that we let everybody in the Wolfpack family know that there are some other people that really cared, and still care, and we send our deepest, deepest sympathies."

How well did you know Kay?
"Really well. A 100 years ago, before some of you were born, we both wore Converse. We'd go on a couple of trips together and I remember one time so vividly that she wanted to know if I would talk some basketball with her. And so we sat down for about an hour and a half just in the corner of a little room and did some X's and O's. And every time I would see her and she would be with somebody else, she would bring that reference to it.

"And I've known her sisters – I knew Debbie when she was at St. Louis, and her other sister, Susan, was at Kansas State when I was there. But I knew Kay better than any of them. There's no question about that. From the time I was here as an assistant and she was really getting it rolling over there until I went to Kansas and basically just kept in touch through the summer more than anything else, but she was just a fantastic person."

On Danny Green:
"Clark Kellogg coined this phrase several years ago – ‘a stat sheet stuffer.' Danny's the original. I don't know that I've ever seen a player that's gone through so many games and not having any zeros on this thing, except several times earlier in the year he didn't get to the free throw line. He's always got some number up there, whether it's in the good column or bad column, he's got something up there. But he has played much better. With the exception of the game the other night, he's been much more under control."

Anything thing new on the Marcus Ginyard front?
"No, he's not going to play. He's still having pain and that's the bottom line. We're going to get together hopefully early next week and talk to the doctors and see where it stands. He's done a great job. I think when he came back and started practice, he was at 230 and he's 218 now. I'm hopeful that that's helped him a great deal, too."

To clarify, is he not playing tomorrow or is he done for the year?
"No. He's not going to play tomorrow. He hasn't practiced yet. When I came in and told you guys that we were going to pull him back a little bit, he hasn't practiced since that time. He comes out and he may go through the layup line, and he may do some jump shots, but he hasn't even done what Tyler Zeller has done. I've brought Tyler over and put him in front of the ball and said, ‘See if you can stand there without falling.' He did that for five or six minutes and Marcus hasn't even done that."



Do you still have your braces in?
"Yes, I still have the braces on just to keep my tooth in line. I got it checked out the other day and it's still a little wobbly, so they're going to leave it in for another week or so."

On why he wasn't wearing a mouth guard against Clemson:
"I wasn't a big fan of mouth guards. One thing is that it's kind of hard to breathe sometimes and talk. But I just didn't have one in. I used to wear one my sophomore year, when I broke my tooth then, but I guess I'll have to start wearing them"

Did you expect this team to be playing better at this point in the season?
"It's a long season. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that we're not playing for a championship right now. We're a veteran team and we understand that, so if you look at any team, there are a lot of things that they want to work on right now. We're one of those teams that we understand and we want to get better and it's going to take some time for us to peak when we want to."



On NCSU guard Courtney Fells:
"I think every time he's played us, he's come in hot or with the attitude that he's going to try and take over the game. The times that we've played and he did well, he hit a lot of threes, but he's not known for being a great shooter. But when he plays against us, he's a great shooter. I know he's going to come out and probably hit some big shots for his team to get them going."

On dealing with Tyler being in foul trouble against Florida State:
"It's no different than any other game. We've always had something to happen where we're shorthanded or somebody gets hurt or somebody's in foul trouble. This team has been through many situations like that, where we don't have everybody healthy or everybody on the floor at the same time. Somebody has to pick it up."

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