UNC-Md: Postgame Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Roy Williams, Wayne Ellington, Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson, Danny Green and Maryland head coach Gary Williams following Tuesday's 108-91 victory over the Terrapins at the Smith Center.

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Postgame remarks:
"It's a heck of a show. I've said a lot of times this year that we can really shoot the ball, and we shot the dickens out of it tonight, but I didn't like giving up 91 points, to say the least. It was an up and down game. I was frustrated at the end. I did the smartest thing I've ever done by telling the team I wasn't going to say much because right now I'm frustrated by some of things we did. It's an ACC win and you ought to be dadgum happy with that, that's the bottom line.

"In this league you ought to be happy with every game you win. It was impressive, us shooting the basketball like that. It wasn't very impressive on the defensive end of the floor. We made a bunch of shots. Wayne Ellington, I told him in the locker room, 34 points is fantastic, 9 rebounds is fantastic, 0 assists and 4 turnovers is not fantastic. Ty, 6 assists, 0 turnovers. But there's a lot of stats. Score was 108-91. There were a lot of good things and a lot of frustrating things."

On the defense early:
"Early in the game we weren't sprinting back, talking, picking up, basically the essentials that you have to have at the start of the game. We kept trailing them in low, couldn't keep them out of the lane. It says they had 18 offensive rebounds. I thought they had 88."

On danger of fundamentals slipping in other areas when you're hitting so many outside shots:
"I think it was late in the first half. We took a couple bad shots. They're not going to all go in. It's like fool's gold. We had such an advantage size-wise on them, I wanted to go inside more."

On whether he set goal in the second half to get the ball inside:
"No, I said I don't care if you make twenty of them, let's guard them better, and if we get the chance to throw it inside, throw it inside."

On which player spoke first during the timeout in the first half:
"Oh, I don't know. My mama told me sometimes if you can't think of good things to say then don't say anything."

On what he would do to defend a team shooting as well as his team:
"Try to pick them up a little sooner....But we're pretty gifted. We shoot the ball in the hole. We share the basketball. It's hard to stop."

On what the tipping point was of the decision with Marcus:
"That's a good question....We'd been talking off and on about it. My focus was to trying to get him healthy to be able to play this year. But you get to a certain point when it's not what's best for the young man, and I think that's where we got to...

"We did consciously make sure that we were within the guidelines, but that's when we stopped him. But it wasn't 100% sure by any means at that time. I wanted him to come back and play, and I think he wanted to come back and play. So the focus was trying to rehab, but all of a sudden it's February 2nd and you've got 6 or 7 or 8 regular season games left, it's just not what's best for the young man. And this is the biggest factor, he still has pain, and that's the bottom line."

On whether there is relief in having a decision made:
"In some ways there is a sense of relief that you can make plans. But there'd be a sense of relief if I know I could get him back. But Coach Smith told me a long time ago, off the court you've got to do what's best for young man, on the court you've got to do what's best for the team. I believe at this stage this is by far what's best for Marcus."

On losing Graves as well and now having an 8-man rotation:
"We've lost 3 of our top 9 guys now, so the depth is not there. I gave Cope a couple extra runs tonight, and hopefully we'll be able to do that. Bobby played 24 minutes Saturday, 18 minutes today, so he's playing more. Larry played a little bit more today....I'm hoping we can go 9 deep."
On Graves playing next year:
"In my mind it's 100 percent, and in Will's mind it's 100 percent."

On Tyler Zeller:
"He goes to the doctor tomorrow. Whatever happens with him is an absolute individual decision. It has nothing to do with Will, it has nothing to do with Marcus, it has nothing to do with Yogi Berra, Richard Petty, or anybody else....Whatever happens with Tyler Zeller it will be because of what's best for Tyler Zeller."


On how it feels to shoot so well:
"It feels great. I feel like I can just shoot it. I was pretty much in the zone the whole game."

On the perimeter game tonight:
"We came out hitting shots, not only myself, but Danny was hitting shots, Tywon was hitting shots, we just kept it rolling."

On tonight's game versus the Miami game:
"I was kind of in the same zone as I was against Miami. I just finally got it going. As soon as I saw a couple go in, I felt like all of them were going to go in."

On how he can go from struggling early in the season to shooting well now:
"Basically just having faith in my training, not losing any confidence, and just continuing to shoot my shot."


On Wayne's improvement and how shooting well affects team:
"First of all he's making shots, he's making a lot more of them....Whenever he's making shots like that it opens things up inside, so it's harder for them to double."

On Marcus's decision:
"He's got my trust. I wanted him to do what's best for his situation."

On defensive replacements:
"Everybody has got to pick it up."

On whether intentional foul lit a fire under the team:
"I'm not really sure. It was a hard foul. I kept my head about it but I just have to keep playing when things like that happen."


On defensive dynamic without Marcus:
"I'm just thinking that we all have to pick up our defense. He was our defensive stopper last year. He did all the little things...and also rebounding. So those are the two things we need to pick up on....I think I'm talking a lot more on ball screens, switching men, getting back, things like that. I feel like I'm being more vocal now."

More on who will step up and being a vocal leader now defensively:
"Bob's doing it, I'm trying to talk a lot more, Danny is talking a lot more....If we don't do that, we're not going to make a run to the championship like we want to."


On defensive leadership without Marcus:
"A lot of guys are stepping up....Bobby has been doing a great job all year talking on the defensive side of the floor. As for the starters, I'm one of the more vocal seniors on the team. Tyler leads by example....Once one guy picks up the energy, it gets contagious."

On the scoring tonight:
"It was a good night for us offensively. But we know we're not going to outscore every team that we play. So we're disappointed with the way we played defense."



Opening remarks:
"We shot 54 percent in the first half and the rebounds were pretty even, but we were down 16 points when Carolina's got 60. I think our defense wasn't ready to play and against a team like Carolina, if you give them any inkling at all that you're not ready to play, I think they're really good at taking advantage of that situation. In other words, they seize the opportunity and just really go after you. We played a bad first half defensively and it really cost us. We scored, but we couldn't stop them obviously."

On the last time an opponent hit that many 3-pointers on one of his teams:
"I don't remember really, you know somebody gets hot once in a while and makes a couple, but not that many. To their credit, they made them, but they had a lot of open looks. It's a combination usually of us not covering and then them making the shots when they had them. There's no flukes either - they shot it well."

On Maryland's defensive strategy:
"We switched to zone with the idea that maybe it would get them out of their rhythm. We've done that before this year and it has worked, but they continued to make [shots]. The biggest thing we did, whether it was man or zone, we didn't fly shooters. We kind of stayed on the floor when you have to get up in their face. We didn't do that and they're too good to give them those kinds of looks."

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