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PERRY, Ga. --- There may have been some wavering down the stretch, but Johnnie Farms signed with North Carolina on Wednesday and spoke excitedly about his decision ...

Your recruitment was a bit of a journey, with South Carolina, Alabama and Auburn being involved. How did you end up at UNC?

Yeah, I got caught up in that SEC thing for a while, but UNC was the first school that offered me. ... They wanted me back in April of my sophomore year going into my junior season and at the end of this whole process it just felt like home.

Did Chapel Hill being farther away make the choice more difficult?

It was a factor, but in the end it wasn't that big of a factor.

UNC was the first school to give you an offer. How much did that early interest mean to you?

It was unbelievable. I wasn't expecting an offer that early. I thought I would just get one my senior year, but I got one before all the other players at my school. It was very important. It meant everything. It was exciting.

What is it about Chapel Hill that made you say I want to be there?

You've been there. It's just a lovely place. It's got the best of both worlds. It's awesome.

How important was the education factor at UNC in your decision making process?

The education is very important in Chapel Hill. Really, it's the key. I mean you've got to get your education if you're there. If you don't you'll be out. They're straight up about that.

Give me your own personal scouting report on Johnnie Farms the player...

I'm a balanced player. I like to run block and I like to pass block. I like being very aggressive. I like knocking people down and I like to do it again if they get back up.

Tell me about the pancake block...

I mean that's our thing as a lineman. I love making plays like that. I mean it's man's destiny. We want to have power over everything.

Give us some numbers from the weight room...

I'm pretty strong. I've been working out for a long time so I bench 405, I squat 700. I really do work out a lot. Lifting weights is a hobby.

Explain the relationship that you have built with the Carolina coaches...

I love them all. First off, Coach Blake - he is awesome. ... Coach Davis is real nice and a very understanding guy. I love him.

How much of a factor was Coach Davis's NFL background to you?

It's very interesting. I mean - three Super Bowls - who could beat that, man? People are lucky if they get to one. Coach Davis is a great coach.

I've heard you mention some pretty big goals going up to North Carolina...

National championship all day baby. We're top 10 already and we've got the No. 2 recruiting class. Why not go do it big … [and] get the National Championship.

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