UNC-UVa: Postgame Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Read postgame comments from Roy Williams, Tyler Hansbrough, Danny Green, Wayne Ellington and Ty Lawson following the Tar Heels' win over Virginia on Saturday ...


Opening remarks:

"Well, it was an unusual game because the first half it was like pulling teeth -- we couldn't get a shot to go in. Then I thought we were doing okay on the defensive end, just couldn't make anything. In the first 16 minutes of the second half I thought we were very good, but the last four minutes I was disappointed in how we played to finish it out...

"Some things are awfully impressive -- you look at Ty Lawson, 9 assists, zero turnovers, Tyler Hansbrough with 13 rebounds. I think those kind of things are awfully important. Tyler did some things today but he couldn't get a shot to go in. It's not very often that he goes 4-for-11. I thought Deon was more active today.

"I was very concerned about Danny. I didn't really believe I'd get 28 minutes out of him. Danny came to shootaround this morning. He felt poorly yesterday, got a little bit better last night, then he woke up this morning and got worse, and so I tried to do some rotating with Wayne and Bobby and Danny, particularly in the first half. In fact, at the 16 minute mark of warmups, I went out to Danny, because at that time I didn't know if I was going to play him, to see what he felt like. He said he felt better. They gave him some Ibuprofen, or whatever it is they give you, and he drank about a million gallons of some kind of liquid, I guess. But I think it was important to get that out of him. We're a little bit thinner, there's no question about that, but we feel good -- really good -- about our defense in the first half, and good about our whole game in the first 16 minutes of the second half."

On Frasor's contributions:

"I've told guys, 'When something's not working, give us something that can help us....When you're a sub, give us something to hang your hat on.' I thought that his effort, getting offensive rebounds, he had a couple of deflections, saved us a basket one time by getting back on the defensive side, on the weak side, knocking the ball out of bounds. He always does those little things."

On how the team is reacting to the rotation:

"It's what it is. It's been there for three games now because the last two games I didn't play Will. So it's been that I'd say the last three games, so if they're saying that that's uncomfortable, then they're making excuses. That's all it is. People can talk about, 'Well, I don't know when I'm going in.' Jiminy Christmas. That's the biggest bunch of bunk. You get in the game, you play. You're sitting over on the bench, you cheer. It's a pretty frickin' easy game. I don't believe all that stuff about, 'I don't know when I'm going in the game.' I'll tell you when to go in. It's easy. You go in when I tell you to go in."

On the status of Tyler Zeller:

"He started practicing Thursday and Friday. He was on the court half of the time and practiced half of that. He and Marcus both, I had them with Jonas. Half of the practice they were doing rehab, and then they came out and practiced....So if you're good in math, they practiced a fourth of the time... Somebody asked me about whether I thought Tyler Zeller would play today. I mean, my gosh, guys, he only missed 12 weeks. He doesn't even know what offense and defense is. He thinks ‘defense' is something that goes around your yard. So it's going to be a while, then we're going to make decisions later on. Don't ask me this week, there will not be a decision. We'll look at it down the road a little bit. There's a reason they give you four and a half weeks of preseason practice, so you can get ready to play."

On important lessons Coach Smith taught him off the court:

"The biggest thing I've learned from Coach is what you've seen from the program in the last week, it's that we make decisions about what's best for kids off the court, as with Marcus Ginyard, and it will be that with Tyler Zeller."


On the problems the zone presented:

"Shots just weren't going down for us. We missed some easy baskets. Once we saw some openings in the zone we started moving the ball around a little bit better and everyone started cutting to the right positions and we started getting some easy baskets."

On the run in second half:

"We came out strong, we saw some openings in the zone and we just hit them and some guys started making some shots."

On team defense:

"I think we made an improvement. Hopefully we'll continue to do this. I think everybody was on the same page help-wise and supporting and things."

On playing Duke:

"I expect a classic rivalry. Any time you go over to Duke it's going to be a big-time game....You have to bring your game."


On how he's feeling:

"A lot better than I was earlier. Getting my wind back a little bit. I would get winded a lot faster. Earlier I was feeling a little drowsy, a little dizzy, a little hot. But I took some medication, sweated it out a little bit once I got it going and started playing."

On difference between the two halves:

"We made shots. First half we didn't make as many shots, second half we got a little hot, started making some shots."


On the backcourt play with Ellington and whether they're meshing:

"Yeah, I think so. We're both knocking down threes, getting into the lane, getting everyone involved, and playing on the defensive end of the floor -- he had a couple of steals. I feel like we're getting better every day....Right now I feel really comfortable in the way we're playing and getting everybody in the right spot."

On watching the tape of the Maryland game:

"When we were helping we weren't helping really strong. We were letting people right by us....We got better. We learned from it. We won't let it happen again."

On where the team is heading into Cameron:

"We're ready for it. That's our rival. If you can't get up for this game, I don't know what you can get up for."


On having Ty healthy for the Duke game:

"It feels good. Tywon is healthy. Going in there, we're confident, and we'll be well prepared."

On taking control in the second half:

"It was real fun for us. We know how easy it is to lose on any given day, especially in the ACC. If you're hot, anything came happen. They came out, they had some confidence, and we gave them some confidence in the first half. We wanted to come out in the second half and shut all that stuff down, and step it up defensively and execute offensively."

On winning while scoring only 76 points:

"It's something that we have to go through. All games aren't going to be pretty. We're not always going to make all our shots and get up and down the floor. So it was good for us to have a game where we had to grind it out."

On how he and Ty feed off one another:

"I feed off of him not only on the offensive side of the floor but also on the defensive end of the floor....He's doing a great job at leading us from the point guard spot and being our quarterback."

On the importance of the backcourt moving forward:

"We have to be real consistent. We have to be threats out there. Tyler's going to draw a whole lot of attention, so we have to be able to step it up on the perimeter."

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