UNC-UM: Postgame Quotes + Audio

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Roy Williams, Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington and Miami head coach Frank Haith following Sunday's 69-65 victory over the Hurricanes at the BankUnited Center.

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Opening remarks:
"For an ACC game, I don't think either team was really in sync. Without [Dwayne] Collins, it was a huge loss for them—it puts more pressure on their outside game. They made a bunch of shots. For us Wayne [Ellington] was wearing the sleeve—he hurt his elbow; strained some ligaments. Ty [Lawson] has been sick and didn't look like himself until the last four minutes of the game, and Danny [Green] getting the fouls early, wasn't able to do anything. But we're lucky. That's the bottom line. We're lucky. We had guys that had opportunities to make plays and we missed so many open shots. We shot some air balls. Then all of a sudden, Ty made three baskets in a row that were really useful for us. We didn't execute very well in the end. All in all, it was an ugly game and tonight North Carolina was luckier than Miami."

On Lawson's outside shooting:
"Last year I thought he was a big-time shooter and just didn't look for it. So, I've talked to him all season about not forgetting his outside shot, and he hasn't forgotten it this year. One of them was really big—when the shot clock was winding down. But when we made three straight threes to go from one to four, then on the other hand, what do they do? They make three straight threes to cut it from four to one."

On Jack McClinton:
"He's the leading three-point shooter in the history of the ACC—that's almost as old as I am. That says it right there that he's pretty good. We were trying to guard him, but then again, we don't have a lock down defender on the perimeter. We had guys that were trying hard that didn't get him stopped. We wanted to hold down his percentage and we didn't necessarily do that. He did have to take 25 shots to get to 35 points, but he is still really good."

On second half play:
"I kept thinking that they were getting second shots. I didn't feel like we were rebounding the ball very well at all. I give Miami credit—their defense spread us out a little bit. We didn't get the penetration that we needed, but it was a win."

On leading the ACC by two games:
"It's better than being two games behind like it was when we started. I didn't know that Boston College had beaten Duke until a couple minutes ago because we have to take care of our own business. When we lost those two games, everybody felt that since we were no longer undefeated, we were no longer the best thing since sliced bread. When we lost those first two games, everybody wanted to criticize. I said at that time that it's a long season, it's a marathon. I'm proud of the way our kids handled that adversity."

On team chemistry:
"I like to think that our team is balanced and that we can get scoring from a lot of guys. Tyler [Hansbrough] didn't get it tonight; Danny wasn't in double figures; Deon [Thompson] was 4-for-11; but good teams have good players. And great teams have great teammates. They step up for each other."



Several of the Duke players said that you don't have a great shot, and you know that. Do you know that?
"No - I mean, I'm shooting what, 48 percent from 3? So I think I'm a great shooter. I think that's one of my strengths, but it's also going to the basket. But for someone to say that, I mean, that's crazy."

On Jack McClinton:
"He just started making big shots. He is a good player. He's scored over 30 points against a lot of teams."



How's the arm?
"It's all right -- it's getting better. I hurt my elbow against Duke pretty bad, but it's getting better."

How did you injure your elbow?
"I got tangled up with Lance [Thomas] for a rebound, and he snatched the ball and kind of bent my arm back a little too far."

On his double double:
"It feels good, because I've been talking junk to a lot of guys saying that I was going to get 10 boards. I haven't done it all season, but I've been getting close with eight or nine, so I finally got my 10 boards. That's something that I've been focusing on -- doing other things, making some assists and just staying on the glass."



Opening statement:
"This was obviously a tough loss. I thought our kids competed – played their buts off and played hard. We got down, but I thought our guys fought hard and competed the whole game. These two guys up here [Jack McClinton and Jimmy Graham] played like seniors, they led. [Ty] Lawson's three was unbelievable. It was deep – and he made it – but our guys competed."

On losing by five or less in the past five games…
"We just have to keep working at it. I didn't know if we were going to get to the free throw line at all the whole game. We just had those two late, we didn't have any in the first half. I thought the tempo of the game was where we wanted it. We just have to keep fighting. It is tough. Our guys have to understand, we are so close in terms of we are in every game right until the end. We just played three games in a row against teams that were number one in the country at one time."

On Ty Lawson:
"He is a really good player. He really helps them. I watched him in the Duke game and I thought he did a great job for them. I thought we did a good job on Tyler Hansbrough. He has been a Miami killer over the years and we did a really good job on him."

On not having junior forward Dwayne Collins:
"It affected our low post presence offensively, but I thought our guys competed as well as they could. Jimmy [Graham] and Julian [Gamble] went in there and banged. They were really good defensively. Obviously Dwayne gives you some points and the ability to score in the post."

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