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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Roy Williams provided an update on Tyler Zeller during his radio show on Monday night, indicating that the freshman center may possibly play against N.C. State on Wednesday night.

Opening remarks:
"I told our kids this and I was really proud of them because we lost our first two conference games. I told them that we were not going to panic, we were just going to try to get better and start playing a little bit better than we did in those two games. There was a little bit of adversity and a lot of people were abandoning ship. I'll still never forget someone calling into the show and asked if I had checked the DNA to see if those really were our players.

"It's college basketball. These are kids and sometimes they're not going to win every game. But I'm really proud of the kids in the way that they've continued to work and practice everyday. They've faced some adversity, they've faced some injury situations, and still got us in position right now that we like. But you've got to finish the job."

On the Miami game:
"I've said this – and people probably think I'm kidding, but I'm not – I felt like it was going to be more difficult to win that game at Miami than I did Wednesday night's game. Especially after Wednesday night's game, because [I thought] we'd have a letdown, it's human nature and it happens to everybody. And plus, I just thought Miami was playing very, very well.

"Wayne Ellington hyper-extended his arm and strained some ligaments. We did an X-ray and a MRI on Thursday, he did it in the Duke game. Friday, he didn't shoot a single 3-point shot in practice, so we didn't know how sore his elbow was going to get. Ty Lawson was throwing up all day on Friday, and on Saturday, he could hardly practice. On Sunday, we're at the shoot around and all of a sudden, he just takes off and runs to the bathroom. He was just not feeling well at all...

"And I don't know if we've announced this or not, but I guess it's all right – Tyler Hansbrough got a slight concussion in the [Miami] game early in the second half. So we had so many things going on, and yet the way they kept playing, even when Miami made that big run, [was good]."

On Tyler Zeller:
"I'm going to guess Thursday two weeks ago is when we started practicing Tyler Zeller. So he's probably had seven or eight practices. We are in the time period where we are going to make a decision as to what's going to happen with Tyler. Tyler and his mom and dad and I got on a conference call Saturday before we left and talked about some things. Tyler and I met again today, and we're about ready to make an announcement. Right now, I would not be surprised if Tyler did play Wednesday night against North Carolina State.

"Fifteen years ago, I would never have even let the young man consider that. But nowadays, when you're seven feet tall and you've got a chance to be pretty good, a lot of times you don't stay around as long as you have eligibility. So Tyler and I have been talking with his mom and dad – again, everybody's been involved – but this is Tyler's decision. Ol' Roy has had nothing to do [with it]. When he came in today and we talked and I gave him my opinion afterwards, but if a youngster can get six games – we know we've got at least six more games left, five regular season and one in the tournament – and that might help him be a better player next year or the following year.

"We've got to be concerned about what's best for the young man. And again, we end up having a lot of kids that don't stay four years anyway, but the other thing is that he would like to see if he could help this basketball team. And so we're sleeping on it tonight, but I wouldn't be surprised if he played against North Carolina State on Wednesday night."

On Zeller's parents' role in the process:
"They were really bad. They said, ‘Coach, we're going to leave this up to you and Tyler.' And I said, ‘Oh, no, no – you're not doing this to me. It's going to be the big boy.' They're wonderful parents. They've raised him and have done a wonderful job and have allowed him to make decisions with their guidance. They've given him extra experiences and talked about things. Tyler Zeller made the decision to come to North Carolina, and his parents supported that decision. They gave him a lot of information and then they backed off and let him make the decision, so they're wonderful parents and hopefully it will work out for the young man."

On Michael Copeland showing leadership by throwing a chair at halftime of the Duke game:
"Cope does not usually do that. We really don't have anyone that will get in anyone's face as much as some teams that I've had in the past. I don't know that this team would handle that as well, to be honest with you."

Defensive player of the week:
"This really wacko, but I can't remember who the defensive player of the game was in the Duke game, but I think it was Bobby [Frasor], but I know it was Bobby in the Miami game last night. His grade was 20 goods and 2 bads, which is a big-time grade."

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