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Inside Carolina's Tuesday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Deon Thompson and Ty Lawson, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels welcome rival N.C. State to the Smith Center on Wednesday.

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Sidney Lowe has held the career assist-to-turnover mark in the ACC for 26 years, but Ty is on pace to break that record. What value do you place on that statistic?
"This is not to take anything away from Sidney, because he was a fantastic quarterback for a national championship [team], but it's harder nowadays because the game is so much more physical. You can see the contact on the dribble [and] you can see the contact inside that sometimes the guys will lose the ball. And Sidney was a strong point guard.

"And [with] the pace that we play, you can have more assists but you can also have a heck of a lot more turnovers. So it is a record that Sidney should be very proud of, and I think he would be, although I don't think he lays awake at night thinking about it very much. What I look at more than anything – I don't just look at the total number of assists, but at that assist-to-error ratio is what we call it. And I look at that with every player in the league."

How is Tyler Hansbrough's health?
"We got a call 15 minutes ago because we had him see a specialist today at the hospital. He did not practice yesterday. He sat on the sideline and did not do one thing. The doctor from Miami had told us that he thought we should get him checked because he thought that there was a possibility that he had a concussion during the game. So we did, and came back and saw some people yesterday, then took him today and ran some tests and all of those things. And [they] said if he did have a concussion, it was of the mildest form.

"On three different occasions in the game, he took a pretty significant blow to the head. He had a headache, which guys have a lot of times during a game. He complained to me one time in the huddle and said he was having some blurred vision out of his eye and thought it was the contact, so they changed the contact. But he didn't give them any more information that would make you believe there was anything other than getting your bell rung in the game until after the game. He didn't even tell [trainer] Chris [Hirth] that he had a headache until after the game.

"But right now, he's not going to do anything with any contact today, but everybody feels fine about him playing tomorrow night. He'll go through the dummy stuff today, and I expect him to play. He felt much better yesterday, and in fact, he felt better by the time we arrived here at 2 a.m. on Monday morning. Right after the game, he just didn't feel good. He got whacked about three different times as hard as you can have happen."

Is there still a chance that Tyler Zeller plays on Wednesday?
"Yes, it depends on how he goes through practice today… He would really like to help this team. He would really like to play. He thinks that it would really help him in the long term, and hopefully, he would help this team this year. So he and I discussed it yesterday and I told him that was the decision we would go with, unless he went home and slept on it and came back today and said he's changed his mind. So if he comes back today and says he changed his mind, then he won't play. If he hasn't changed his mind, he probably will play."

Where do you feel this team stands defensively compared to where you want them to be?
"Nowhere near where I would like to see them. We're getting better, and we have moments where we're pretty doggone good. I've been pleased – there's been a couple of big games and big moments that defensive plays have been the biggest part of the game.

"At Florida State and at Miami, the two biggest plays of the games were both defensive plays – Danny Green's block and Tyler's charge. So I think that we're coming along, but we've still got three-and-a-half more weeks in the regular season and we're going to work like [heck] on it today, too."



On possibly adding Tyler Zeller back into the rotation:
"I definitely think he can add a lot. He's seven-feet tall, so that's already a big enough game-changer right there. You can't teach seven feet. So that will help us if they do decide to bring him back... He can grab some boards – we always need help with that – and block some shots. And for a seven-footer, he can really shoot the ball and he has a good touch inside, so he can definitely add depth."

Will it be difficult to work Zeller into the rotation?
"I don't think it will be too big of an adjustment. I think Coach has a great way of rotating players – he's always done a good job with that, even dating back to the 2005 team. He's always did a great job of rotating guys in and out, and having fresh guys on the court, so that's only going to help our team."

You talked last year about getting down on yourself too much. How are you doing with that this year?
"I think I'm doing a lot better job than where I was last year. I think that just comes with understanding that there's more to the game than just scoring. I think that was just my biggest thing was [in thinking about] how much I was scoring. But you can always play solid defense, grab rebounds, set solid screens and just keep the offense moving. And just doing little things to help our team win and not be too focused on scoring."



How do you feel today?
"I'm feeling a lot better. I'm just a little clogged up right now, but everything else, like my throat and my head, is feeling good right now."

Did you make a conscious effort to be more aggressive over last week?
"Most games, I normally don't do too much in the first half. I try to get the bigs involved and Wayne [Ellington] and Danny [Green], then look for my shot in the second half. But it's just that we weren't scoring that well and these past few games I just picked it up on the offensive end."

On playing N.C. State:
"It's one of our rivals, so if you can't get excited for that, what can you get excited for?"

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