UNC-UMd: Postgame Quotes + Audio

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Roy Williams, Ty Lawson, Bobby Frasor, Tyler Hansbrough and Maryland guard Greivis Vasquez following Saturday's 88-85 overtime loss to the Terrapins at the Comcast Center.

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Opening remarks:
"The best team won today. The toughest team, the smartest team [and] the best coached team won today. That's all I have to say."

On the team's perimeter defense:
"We haven't done it as well as I wanted to do all year, and we didn't do it as well as we wanted to today. But it's on both ends of the court – it wasn't just our defense. It was our silliness, too."

On if Ty Lawson was forcing too much:
"He might have been, but I think I'd rather look at the tape before I make a definite statement like that."

On Maryland:
"They played very well, I thought, against us at our place and made a bunch of shots. I thought today we played poorly because they made us play poorly ... Sorry to be so blunt but that's exactly what I thought it was. They were the smarter team, tougher team, better team."

On the Terrapins' comeback:
"We turned it over three times in a row. We haven't turned it over like that all year long. But we did today."



On Vasquez:
"He played real well and knocked down big shots early and late. He's a great player."

On taking over in the second half and forcing shots:
"The shots I did shoot I think were open shots except for one, but other than that I don't feel I forced any shots."

On committing turnovers:
"My turnover was silly. I passed the ball to Tyler, we got the charge and I probably should have pulled it back out. They just made good shots and got stops."



Have you heard anything on your latest NCAA appeal?
"Yes, that's finally come to a close. That's over with, which is nice. I finally know that I'm moving on, going to graduate and everything, and go out with these guys."

When did you find out?
"Earlier this week. We had a teleconference with the NCAA – some committee – to find out. We presented our case [and] the NCAA presented their case, and then talked to these five people on teleconference and they made a judgment and they said that they denied the appeal. So I'm finally glad it's over with and I can move on."



Do you have any idea about why you haven't been going to the free throw line as much lately?
"No, I haven't really pinpointed anything, necessarily, with why I'm not going to the line. Maybe it's me."

Is that a concern for you?
"No, I'm not concerned about that right now. I just want to win ball games."

After some early success, Maryland was able to limit what you and Deon Thompson were able to do in the post. What type of adjustments did they make?
"I can't really figure that out right now. They just probably played better defense and didn't allow us the ball."



On head coach Gary Williams:
"He always does a great job in making us believe that we can win games, regardless of who we play. We had two days to prepare and he did a great job getting us ready."

On getting a triple double:
"I didn't know until [Maryland radio play-play announcer] Johnny Holiday told me while he was interviewing me. It's a blessing and I'm thankful. I don't have any words to describe this feeling right now, but I have a big game on Wednesday so I have to go back to work tomorrow."

On the last five minutes of the game:
"It was an unbelievable game. I have played big games at Maryland and I put this game at the top. It was a great win for us. We needed it."

On coming back after being behind by 16 points:
"We have a great coach and we never game up. Every Maryland fan should be thankful because that man can coach. He is the best at getting everyone together and making them believe that they can win games."

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