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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Roy Williams was recruiting in New Jersey during his radio program on Monday night, but the UNC head coach called in to give his opinion on last week's games. Assistant head coach Steve Robinson also provided his thoughts alongside Woody Durham.


Remarks from the road:
"Well, it is something that I would rather be there. I hate that I've got Coach Robinson there after a loss. I don't think I've had anybody sit in for me after a loss in at least three years, but hopefully people will treat Steve the right way. It was a tough day for us on Saturday, to say the least, but since we don't play until next Saturday, we're trying to let our guys heal up a little bit and give them some time off. If we're going to give the kids some time off, then I feel like I always need to go out on the road recruiting, so that's what I'm doing today."

On enjoying the recruiting aspect of the job:
"I do enjoy getting to know the kids and seeing what I think their game could develop into. I don't enjoy the airplanes or rental cars, no question about that, but I also feel that if I just sit home, then there's somebody else out doing this and I don't want that to happen. I don't want anybody to outwork me. Whether or not I outwork anybody else, I just know that I work as hard as I possibly can."

On his travel plans:
"I am going to see Dexter Strickland practice, a youngster that's already signed and coming to us next year. Then I'm leaving and going somewhere else tonight and then to a high school game tomorrow night before I come back late Tuesday night… I was coming to watch Dexter play probably two or three weeks ago, and the plane had taken off down the runway – a private plane taking me to see a big-time game – and all of a sudden they aborted the takeoff because of a mechanical malfunction.

"That didn't scare me to death, but it came pretty close, I can tell you that. But that's part of it. You've just got to understand that when the games are being played and when the practices are being held, you've got to change your schedule and sometimes they change their schedule at the last minute, so it doesn't work out as smoothly as you had hoped."

On the N.C. State win:
"They scored the last 10 points of the game. We were up 19 and they scored the last 10 to make it 89-80 at the end, and we didn't do what we wanted to do defensively, yet we were so efficient offensively, they were never able to cut into the margin because we had done such a good job. And we were pretty good defensively at times in the first half, but in the second half, we scored, they scored, we scored, they scored. And until the end of the game, they didn't really cut into the lead enough to where we felt like we were concerned."

On the Maryland loss:
"Well, it was [a disappointment]. Playing on the road in the ACC is always a challenge. You never know what's going to happen and that's the beauty of college basketball. I guess Nos. 1-2-3 lost in the country last week, and two of those lost on the road and I think one lost at home, and I then I guess No. 5 or No. 6 lost at home, so it's college basketball. That's what it is. It's extremely disappointing to me because I don't think that we played very intelligently at the end of the game. We had some opportunities to run clock and then try to score, but instead we were trying to score, and in my opinion, trying to score too quickly.

"But that's the reason it's college basketball because you don't know how kids are going to react under pressure. And still, it doesn't make you feel any better. It makes you feel like you lost and you had a wonderful opportunity, but you also have to congratulate Maryland. They're shooting 29 percent for the year from the 3-point line and made six big threes in the second half and just made plays when they had to make plays."

On Tyler Hansbrough's touches being down in recent games:
"In some of those, it hasn't been a factor because we've shot the ball so well from the perimeter. But we shot it so poorly and we had a size advantage, so part of our game plan was to try to go inside with the basketball. We did that early in the game and then got away from it and took too many quick shots. Also, when Tyler did have the opportunity, he didn't cash in as well as he has in the past, and normally he does. But we've got to get the ball to him better, and he's got to move better. Truthfully, when we fill that we have an advantage inside, that's our game plan and we've got to be able to go inside, and we didn't do that against Maryland on Saturday."


On the offensive efficiency of both UNC and N.C. State in last Wednesday's matchup:
"We did both put the ball in the hole. It's such a rivalry game, and I think a lot people try to only think of a rivalry game between Duke and North Carolina, but I've been around here long enough to know that people get pretty fired up when they see that other color red, too, so you have that mix. And you're trying to win as many games as you possibly can, and the grind of the season continues to hit you every day and you try to get through it. You try to play at your best level every time you step out on the court. But it's human nature and sometimes you can give it your best shot and you sometimes you don't quite have your best shot."

On the Maryland loss:
"Well, it's been a tough place for us to play. Just look at our record since we've been here – they've gotten us a couple of times up there. But we normally are a very good team on the road. Since we've been here, we probably have the best record of any team in the ACC on the road, but things kind of slipped away from us a little bit and we didn't handle it the right way. I know our kids are disappointed by that. Maryland should be commended – they did a great job. They kept coming at us and we just couldn't quite put them away."

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