Gbinije's Stock Surging

As his sophomore season has progressed, Michael Gbinije sees himself becoming a more complete player. The 6-foot-6, 185-pound wing is a better overall scorer and has developed new aspects to his game.

Recently Gbinije, an already highly regarded prospect, led Christchurch (Va.) School to the division crown. And with the state playoffs approaching, they currently sit at No. 6 in the state.

"I think I've adjusted well," Gbinije said. "I'm 100-percent comfortable with our offense. As far as how I've been playing lately, I've been playing good."

In his last two outings, Gbinije had 20 points and 14 rebounds in a semifinal win over Fork Union and 29 points in a title game win over St. Anne's-Belfield for the Virginia Prep League tournament crown.

Last summer, the highly regarded 2011 prospect spent a considerable amount of time improving his jump shot, but he also worked on paying attention to the little things on the court. Those improvements have paid off this season.

"When I was trying to get my name out there, I used to only worry about points and the other aspects of my game, assists, rebounding and regular basketball IQ [suffered]," Gbinije said. "But I've established that more and I'm rebounding better."

"As far as how I score, I used to be a drive first type dude," he continued. "The jump shot was always there, but I would always drive and only shoot if I was wide open. Now I have a pull-up game and I'll shoot it in people's face."

Averaging an impressive 25 points per game and rated as the No. 4 small forward in the initial 2011 rankings, it shouldn't be surprising that Gbinije is already receiving loads of college interest from high major programs.

"Right now I'm just trying to get as many colleges looking at me as I can," the four-star prospect said. "I'm not trying to narrow it down yet. Now I'm starting to see who is more interested."

"The most recent schools that I've talked is Virginia Tech," Gbinije said. "Coach called them and I got on the phone and talked them. An assistant coach from Florida came down recently and I've talked to them a little bit."

Gbinije claims scholarship offers from Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech and Pittsburgh, with strong interest coming from Texas, North Carolina and "most" of the ACC.

The Tar Heels made him a serious target early on. They've dispatched assistants to Christchurch School a few times, and although no offer has been made by the Tar Heels, they've made it clear to Gbinije they want to go through the process with him.

"They said for my position that I'm one of the top players they are recruiting so far, for my position and for my class," Gbinije said. "I've been to a couple of their games this year."

While Gbinije admitted he didn't get a chance to see much of the Chapel Hill (N.C.) campus during his unofficial visits, he has been able to speak with Roy Williams.

"When he talked about recruiting me, he talked about looking for an all-around type player," he said. "He said he's looking for a good person, not only as a basketball player, but in general a good person. And he pretty much told me that I'm doing good and to keep up the good work."

As far as Gbinije's feelings about North Carolina, he cited their talent level as something he likes about them.

"They are a very good program," Gbinije said. "If the number one player in a class is going there, it doesn't really matter how good they are because they have so many good players and they make each other better and there's so much competition."

As his sophomore season comes to an end and he begins prepping for the spring circuit playing with Team Takeover, Gbinije is hoping to take a few more unofficial visits.

"I am planning to see some campuses," he said. "I don't know which ones, but I will end up going to some college campuses."

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