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Inside Carolina's Friday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Wayne Ellington and Bobby Frasor, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels welcome Georgia Tech to the Smith Center on Saturday.

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Do you handle a week off differently with a veteran team versus a young team?
"I think you do handle a loss differently. I don't know that you handle a week off any differently. I think that a more capable, more veteran team, you can drive them harder. A younger, inexperienced, hesitant team – I think you've got to put your arm around them a little bit more. So there wasn't much putting my arm around this bunch Wednesday and Thursday.

"We had some pretty good practices Wednesday and Thursday. We came in Sunday night and watched tape for about an hour-and-a-half. Monday was off. Tuesday, we just brought them in for weights and running and shooting, and on Wednesday and Thursday, we worked really hard and hopefully will have a good day today, as well."

Even just as a gesture, or if it got to the point where it would become necessary, would you be willing to take a pay cut?
"I think first of all, there's no way to answer that question. If you say ‘Yeah,' then somebody's going to call today and say ‘Give it all to me back.' If you say no, you come across as being insensitive. At this moment, I'm the most sensitive person in this room [with regard to] the state of our nation's economy.

"My son called yesterday and it was a great day because they just told him he was finished. He's a bond trader for Wachovia Securities and they were bought by Wells Fargo and Wells Fargo doesn't even do what Wachovia Securities did. So I'm more sensitive than anybody in here. I've got a son that's part of the nation's unemployed. Now, he's a cocky little rascal that thinks he's going to have a job tonight, but I said, ‘Son, people aren't hiring – they're letting people go.'

"It's a tough time. I'm also sensitive to the fact that I do give a great deal of money to the university every year. I am sensitive to the fact that the initial contract I signed in the spring of 2003 that we would renegotiate my contract after the second year. The second year was a pretty good year. We won the national championship. I never asked to have it renegotiated. In fact I forgot about it. The athletic director came to me six months later and I said, ‘Don't worry about it.' The next year – 2006 – I had maybe the most satisfying year I've ever had as a coach. I was National Coach of the Year and he asked me if I wanted to renegotiate again. And I said, ‘No, I'm fine, I'm satisfied with it.' We did something the year after that.

"I don't think I'm in the business to make money. If you convince me that me giving up something could help somebody, then we'd really have a great discussion because I'm willing to do a lot of things. I'm not willing to stand up here and say, ‘Yes,' and I'm not willing to stand up here and say, ‘No,' because I think it's a question that there's no good answer.

"I just know from my buddy Jimmy Calhoun, I'm not going to tell you to shut up. These are tough times. These are tough times that nobody knows. I can look around the room and it's affecting people in this room right here.

"But it is a fact that I am not paid – you said, I forget exactly how you phrased it – I'm not paid by state funds. And we've had some success and we have made a lot of money in men's basketball. If we start losing games and losing money, they're not going to ask me to give any of the money back. They're going to fire me and that's something I understand.

"Again, I haven't really answered your question. I've sort of dodged around it a little bit, but I don't believe there's anybody that's more sensitive to it than I am. I do believe I give a great deal of money, whether it's Carolina Covenant or other programs here in our department… So I'm very proud of what my wife and my family have done here."



Has the Maryland loss been eating at you?
"We've been getting after it the last couple of days in practice, so we're anxious to get back out there and get that bad taste out of our mouth. We're just excited for tomorrow's game. We have a chance to redeem ourselves and come out and play our style of basketball and play the way we know how."

What surprised you the most at Maryland?
"Just our approach, I guess you could say. We knew it would be a tough game. We knew they were going to fight and we knew it was going to be a hostile environment. Just to be up so much with so little time left, and to let it slip away is what eats at me the most."



Was the Maryland loss hard to get over?
"At first it was, in the early part of the week. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth, especially when we watched film on it with the coaching staff. Just how poorly we executed and played defensively - it just wasn't what we wanted to put out there on the court."

What has the coaching staff been having you do in practice this week?
"Running us more if we make a simple mistake, doing a lot more defensive stations -- just back to the basic stuff that we started with in October."

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