UNC-SJU: Mike Jarvis

NEW YORK -- St. John's basketball coach Mike Jarvis was disappointed in his team's 63-59 loss to North Carolina in the consolation game of the 50th Holiday Festival, but he did see some positive signs despite the final outcome.

Here is some of what Jarvis had to say after his team fell to 5-3 on the campaign.

Opening remarks:

Last night I mentioned the fact that North Carolina and St. John's would be playing for the consolation game. I think both teams with very little tine to prepare and very little rest, after two awful games yesterday by both of us, played with a lot of heart and a lot of determination. I know we are going to be able to build upon today. There are a lot of things we will be able to take from this week and this experience. This will make us a very good basketball team as the year progresses. I leave the world's most famous arena feeling a lot better about my team, and yes, we would have loved to win two games and we would have loved to win today. This week just like any early week in the season when you don't do as well as you like later on will come back and pay some pretty good dividends for us.

On why his team lost twice this weekend:

There were times today that we didn't finish, but basically played like a team. Yesterday we didn't and it had nothing to do with the team we played against. It was all about us or the lack of us. For two consecutive nights to get 25 offensive rebounds, I just hope and pray that we start converting some of them. If we do we'll be very dangerous. That's very, very encouraging.

On if they watched film of Friday's loss like UNC did:

I think each of my guys will have a permanent tape of the Manhattan game in their heads. I didn't show them the film because I said all the things that I needed to say last night. Watching a tape today of last night's game would not have helped us. We needed our guys to regain some of the love and passion for the game and watching the tape would not have helped.

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