Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

Opening remarks:
"We've had a couple of slip-ups – three slip-ups, I guess – but for the most part, it's been a good, good run and hopefully we've got some left in us… I felt good about the way we played after the first 10 minutes. You've heard me say this plenty of times, but I don't think we really got into the game as quickly as I wanted us to. We sort of went in there and as I say, went tip-toeing through the tulips. But after that, I thought we played very well, the last 10 or 12 minutes of the first half for sure. We played well in the second half. We had a three or four minute stretch where we turned it over three out of four possessions, but other than that, I thought we did some nice things."

On sharing the ball against Georgia Tech:
"We were better offensively the whole game. We shared the ball, we moved the ball. Not just Tyler [Hansbrough], but Deon [Thompson] and Tyler Zeller and all of the big guys got to where they were supposed to be, and we threw the ball in there to them. It was a much better game offensively than we had the game before."

On ACC representation in the NCAA Tournament:
"It's a great, great league. I think you could make a very, very good argument for eight of our teams making the NCAA Tournament. I really believe that. People have to get some work done the last couple of games here and perhaps even in the [ACC] Tournament, but I really believe you can make a great case for eight of our teams going."

On if there would be a player guest at the radio show:
"I told the guys at practice that the guy who plays the best in practice gets to come to the radio show. It wasn't a very good practice. In fact, it was a 17-way tie – everybody got one vote and that's it. As a matter of fact, they may still be running, I'm not sure. It wasn't the best practice that we've ever seen, so I thought it would just be advisable to not have a youngster down there looking up at me, because I knew I didn't want to be sitting up here looking down at them, so it's a pretty good deal."

On Wayne Ellington:
"Wayne is fine. He was still sore yesterday, but he just finished going through practice a few minutes ago. Still a little sore, but not any problems. We didn't have to hold him out of any part of practice whatsoever, so I feel like he'll be fine."

On this team's inability to keep its intensity level high at all times:
"I'll say two things. One, I do think it's hard to do it 28 games and maintain that same type of consistency throughout the 40-minute game. And No. 2, I think we do have to give the other team some credit sometimes. I say this a lot, but in the Duke game in the second 10 minutes of the first half, they clearly outplayed us. It wasn't just mistakes on our part. And in the first 10 minutes of the Georgia Tech game, it wasn't just mistakes on our part. Danny [Green] didn't get out to Lewis Clinch on his first two shots, but he still has to make them. I think that's something there, too.

"But maintaining the intensity level at where I want it to be and do it consistently throughout the course of the game – really no team can do. Probably the closest we came to that all year long was the Michigan State game. And yet, let's be honest, Michigan State ran out of legs because in the second half they started missing every shot. They had played in a tournament only had one day to travel and had played three games in five days. But it's really hard to do that over the course of a whole game, because the other team is pretty doggone good, too."

On Virginia Tech:
"They're wounded a little bit. They need a win. People on College Gameday on Saturday where talking about which four teams were going to get the last one position in the 65-team tournament, so they feel like there may be something to that and that they're right on the borderline. I don't really agree, I think they should be – they're one of the top 65 teams in the country. Playing them on Senior Night… Going up there, it's going to be a hornet's nest and we've got to understand that and we've got to be prepared to handle it."

Defensive Player of the Week:
"Wayne Ellington. It was very, very close. We had to vote between Wayne Ellington and Bobby Frasor, but Wayne really did some good things."

"Roy Williams Live" airs Monday evenings on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates.

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