Spring FB Q&A: Charles Brown

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Charles Brown, a rising junior cornerback, talked to reporters about the start of the 2009 Spring Practice season.

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How did you handle having an injury-plagued sophomore season last year?

"That was one of the things that was real hard because I had high expectations for the season. I set some goals about how many interceptions I wanted and what us as a group of defensive backs were supposed to do. And I was supposed to help the team a lot. That was real hard not being able to play. I was starting corner going into training camp, so it was hard, but they did all right without me, so I can't complain."

What do you think of the new DB coach, Troy Douglas?

"Coach Douglas, he's a real cool guy. I didn't have time to sit down with him one-on-one [yet], but out there during 6 a.m. drills, the way he pushes us ... the main thing that stuck in my mind is when we're tired, he doesn't let us put our hands on our knees, so he's a stickler like that."

In your voluntary workouts the last couple months, in working with the wide receivers, did any of them jump out to you?

"All of them are pretty good. People are thinking that we'll have a dropoff there because we had so many good players [leave], but Dwight Jones is going to be a real good answer for the team and Rashad Mason is too - two big guys who can go up and get the ball, and Todd Harrelson. ... Josh Adams is real good. He impressed me the most. I didn't think a freshman could be that good. And we all know Greg is going to have a great year. ... Dwight can be real good. He's so smooth, you can't ever really get a hand on him and if you do he can go up and get the ball."

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