UNC-VT: Postgame Quotes + Audio

BLACKSBURG, Va. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Roy Williams, Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson, Danny Green and Virginia Tech head coach Seth Greenberg following Wednesday's 86-78 victory over the Hokies at Cassell Coliseum.

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Opening remarks:
"Well, we feel very fortunate to say the least. It's a major accomplishment to come in here and beat a very, very good basketball team. I really believe that. I think they've had some unfortunate things this year in some close games. But we knew it was going to be a really tough test, and I think it was. It was one of the games that I've talked about to my team in the past about [how] we have to win some games ugly, and I think that we did that tonight. We didn't shoot the ball well, but we guarded and did a better job on the defensive end.

"We've picked on our defense all year long, and I've probably done more of it than anybody, but defensively we were more alert to Vassallo, more alert to Delaney and we were much more alert to Allen in the second half. We didn't do as good of a job on him in the first half, but I thought that was big for us. We shoot 40.9 percent and win the game. I think that you have to be able to do that some games in this league, and it was fortunate for us tonight.

"I thought Tyler was big -- 22 [points] and 15 [rebounds]. And I thought Ty was big, particularly in the second half, as well as Danny. Danny had no points at half and ended up with 10. We controlled the ball without turning it over, but we just didn't make a lot of shots. You have to give them credit for that. One stretch in the second half, Wayne missed a wide-open 3-pointer, Tyler missed one about four feet away and Tywon missed a layup on three straight possessions. I said we can't get better shots, but we've just got to make some, so let's keep stopping them.

"On two different occasions, they tied the score, and both times we scored immediately and then got a stop and scored immediately again. I liked our toughness at that point. Vassallo, Allen and Delaney score 74 percent of their points, and I think they about did that tonight, too. But they're a load to guard and we feel very fortunate to get out of here."



On the win:
"It was big for us, showed some toughness. Tonight we stayed within the team and got the shots that we wanted."

On clinching a share of the ACC title:
"Man, it's really big to be here and win it three out of four years. That says something, but we're not going to sit here and be proud of it right now. We still have things that we want to accomplish."



On clinching a share of the ACC title:
"It means a lot, because we fought back... Everybody thought that we weren't going to win the ACC title [after the 0-2 start]. We just came together as a team, got focused and we just did what we had to do. And now we control on our destiny like Coach says."

How physical was the game?
"It was real physical. Jeff Allen is from home -- I know him -- and he's not a dirty player, but he was going to be real physical with Tyler because Tyler's one of the best players in the country. They're a real physical team, but Tyler is a tough guy that can handle it."



Are you content with the ACC title?
"No, never. We know what we're capable of doing. We know what our goals are. We're happy with some of the things that we've achieved but we know that we can achieve more. And we want to achieve more."

On his late 3-pointer:
"I was struggling all night. Nothing was going down for me. I was open. A shooter's supposed to keep shooting no matter what's going on or how bad of a shooting night you're having, so I kept shooting. I was just more focused on the process of getting the ball through the net and holding my follow through."



Opening remarks:
"I thought we did a lot of good things. I just don't think we ever got outside ourselves. I think to beat the No. 2 team in the country, you've got to get outside of yourself. You've got to find something in the pit of your stomach that just makes losing not an option. We got close to that point, but we never got to that point. Before the game, I talked to the guys about traits you need to possess to win the game -- being determined, relentless, tough, smart and poised. And at times, we possessed every single one of those traits. We just didn't possess those traits for long enough periods of time, at the key times.

"I thought we did a lot of good things, but we were not able to just dig down and find something in the pit of our stomach that made losing unacceptable. And for that, that hurts, because we're a good team and we have a chance to be special. We had a chance to be special tonight, and we couldn't dig that out."

On the importance of Sunday's game at Florida State:
"Sunday's not do or die. We have a conference tournament to play. We can win games there. ... We've got to find a way to dig down and grind out the last five minutes of a game. ... We've got a lot of basketball to play."

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