Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

Opening remarks:
"It was a great [on Sunday], there's no question about that. All the pageantry of Senior Day, and the way we played and the guys' speeches at the end. It was really a big-time day. It was more emotional of a day than any day since I've been back. There were so many distractions, so many other things going on, that is was a challenge for the kids to focus on the game itself and what we needed to do.

"But I told the kids in the locker room that I don't know that I've ever been as proud of a group of kids as I am this group. Starting out 0-2 in the conference, and we started out that way in 1990-91 at Kansas, but both of those games were on the road. This time, we started 0-2, including one home game, and people were abandoning ship and saying about as many bad things as you could say and still say deep down that they were North Carolina fans, possibly. But for the kids to stick to it and stay with us the whole way, I'm really, really pleased."

Do you have ideas to how we're going to play against teams in the NCAA Tournament that want to slow it down and how we can increase the tempo, with maybe a little token pressure or something?
"I've got a lot of suggestions for you right now, I can tell you that. But let's give credit to the other team. Duke is pretty doggone good. It's not just about us. We're going to do the things that we do best, and we're going to pressure in a halfcourt situation because we do that better than we do in a fullcourt situation. I understand everybody wants us to be perfect and I understand that people say Ol' Roy gets ornery on his radio show, but we're frickin' 27-3 and we won the ACC regular season…

"We're not the perfect basketball team. We're never going to be the perfect basketball team. To hear your question seems to imply that we're not doing certain things. Well, we can get out and pressure anybody 94 feet, and it probably won't be very good, because I've seen my team for 77 practices, some of them for three years, and we're going to do the things that we can do. We're going to do the things that we can do well. But we're not going to take the ball away from Jon Scheyer. We're not going to take the ball and run Gerald Henderson out of the gym or anything, so let's understand to give the other team some credit and play the way we're going to play."

Have you thought about sitting Ty Lawson for the ACC Tournament?
"The tough thing is, because I would do that in a heartbeat… I told Woody while we were off the air that [Lawson] is not limping as bad in front of all of these people as he was when he came into the office today – I don't know if he was trying to sympathy from me or what. But we did not practice today and Ty will not tomorrow. We'll bring everybody else in for a running and shooting period. I am extremely concerned. The toe is swollen right now. Chris Hirth, our trainer, is extremely concerned about it, because it's even more swollen than Chris thought it would be.

"Regardless of what Tim Brando and those guys said on some radio show [on Monday], the decision was not made that Ty was going to play until like a half-hour before the game. And in fact, I was really mad because the doctors had him back there so long that he came out on the court with 17:25 left on the clock and we were going back in at 17:00, so I was mad he didn't have any warm-up time.

"To answer your question, we will go a lot by what Ty says, but also, I've got to use some common sense that you can't just listen to kids, because kids want to play so much. Ty is so much mentally tougher than he has been in the past. Now, last year he got some criticism for being out six or seven games for a high ankle sprain, but nobody else had that pain. So I've always felt like you don't know what that youngster's going through. So we will go by what Ty says, but at the same time…

"Two years in a row, we've won the ACC Championship, but people were really disappointed when we didn't go any farther a couple of weeks after, because that's the most important thing. We're going to try to play him if he's healthy. We're going to be very cautious about him, and if he's not healthy, there's no question that I might go as far as even holding him out."

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