UNC-VT: Postgame Quotes + Audio

ATLANTA -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Roy Williams, Tyler Hansbrough, Bobby Frasor, Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington, Ed Davis and Virginia Tech head coach Seth Greenberg and A.D. Vassallo following Friday's ACC quarterfinal victory over the Hokies at the Georgia Dome.

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Opening remarks:
"I am very happy to be here. It was an ugly game, but I have said many times that you have to win some games ugly to have a great year and that was one of them. You have to congratulate Virginia Tech because they did some big time things. I think our inside play was big late in the game with Tyler. Take away three or four possessions where they got two or three different shots and I think we were good on the back boards. I thought Bobby did a good job in place of Ty. We got some good contributions from guys at the end of the game like they're supposed to."

On the status of Ty Lawson:
"Basically, I have no idea about Ty Lawson and his status. I know you guys don't want to hear that, but I would think it's unlikely that he would play tomorrow, but he felt much better today than he did yesterday. We still think it would be unlikely that he would play tomorrow."

On if he considered fouling on Virginia Tech's last possession:
"In the huddle, we said if we could foul on the dribble, then do it. Especially if we could get them in the backcourt or somewhere around the 10-second line, then we were going to foul. At the same time, I said don't foul anybody taking a shot and we said were switching on screens. I'm not trying to answer for Tyler, but he was supposed to be on A.D. Vassallo because there was a screen. That was good because the last thing they heard before they left the huddle was don't foul on the shot, but if you could on the floor, then do it."

On the play of A.D. Vassallo and the final minutes of play:
"I just wished him the best of luck on whatever happens. He's a good player. Down the stretch, we were trying to get the ball inside. I just happened to be open and luckily the ball went through the rim. We just made some big plays down the stretch."

On guarding Vassallo on the last shot:
"I saw A.D. kind of cut loose so I left my man and was pretty confident he was going to take the last shot. I stepped out there and I didn't foul him because I thought he was too close to shooting, so I didn't want to take a chance there. I just put my hand up and hoped he would miss."

On his mentality coming into the game:
"No one is going to be able to fill Ty's shoes. He's the ACC Player of the Year, All-American guard and gets us so many easy plays. No one can duplicate that. I just wanted to come in with a steady hand, not turn the ball over and get guys the ball. I'm surrounded by scorers here so I don't need to be putting up a lot of shots or doing things like that. I thought I did a decent job of that."



What's the update on the toe? Have you been able to do anything the last couple of days?
"Nope, just straight icing it and running on the bike. That's the only thing I've been doing recently, because I can barely walk on it. It's real tough to walk."

Has it gotten worse throughout the week?
"It got worse on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, that's when I started seeing the swelling go down. I started to see the veins in my foot again and things like that, because those first two days, my whole foot was swollen."

What's your status for the rest of the weekend?
"The swelling finally went down from the Duke game, probably like two days ago, so we're going to see how it is when I wake up in the morning. It's been gradually getting better, which is good."

If this was a NCAA Tournament game, would you have played?
"No, I wouldn't have played at all, unless they injected me. But other than that, I wouldn't have played."



Can this team win this event if Ty doesn't play?
"I feel like we can still win it. There's no question we can still win it. We have enough talent [and] we have enough experience that guys can pick it up and make for the loss without having Ty."

How was it playing without Ty today?
"It was a little different, but at the same time, we found a way to win. That's the most important thing. As long as we find a way to win, we'll be fine."



On his performance:
"I think that's the role for me this year – when people are not playing too well, just go in and try to block a shot or get a dunk and try to give the team some energy."



Opening remarks:
"Our theme for the last 24 hours has been, ‘Same story, different ending.' Unfortunately, we got the same story and the same ending. We just couldn't get a defensive rebound when we needed one. I though we competed at a very high level. I thought we took great care of the basketball. We just weren't tough enough when we needed to be. We were battling guys six inches taller than us. We thought we were blocking out, but I guess we weren't blocking out well enough because they kept on jumping and getting the rebound. I'm really proud of our guys, and I thought we competed really hard and did a lot of very good things to put ourselves in a position to win. We just weren't able to finish."

What did you see on the final play that resulted in the held ball?
"What I saw doesn't count, so it makes no difference. The only people that count were the guys wearing those striped shirts."

On the loss:
"We had the opportunity to win. I thought we were dominating the game. We were fighting them every possession. We just couldn't come up with that one stop, that one rebound for us to gain possession. I think at the end we rushed a couple of shots… We did everything we could. We were in the game. I was hoping that last shot would have gone in and we would go to overtime and get another chance."

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