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ASHEVILLE, N.C. --- In an effort to improve both his recruiting stock and chances of ending his prep career with a state championship, Trevor Sawyer transferred from Candler Enka High to Asheville High a week ago.

"Enka wasn't doing too well in football and Asheville has a real good football team this year," Sawyer said. "I just wanted to help [Asheville] out. And they'll help me out by allowing me to play my true position."

The transfer has already paid dividends. A few weekends back, Sawyer attended East Carolina's Junior Day and left with his first scholarship offer. His second offer appears to be just around the corner.

Junior Highlights:
"NC State and I have been talking for a while and hopefully they're going to offer here in the next couple of weeks," Sawyer said.

Besides the two aforementioned schools, Sawyer is being recruited by Auburn, Georgia, and North Carolina.

"I think he's one of those kids that they're looking at his potential," Asheville head football coach Danny Wilkins said. "He's got a frame on him. He runs well. [He's a] good kid – good character kid. And he's smart."

In addition to ECU, Sawyer has attended junior days at Clemson and NC State. Coming up, he plans to attend Georgia's Junior Day.

Over the summer, Sawyer is set to camp at East Carolina and NC State. He is also considering camping at Georgia.

During most of his turbulent career at Enka, Sawyer played quarterback in a spread, option-heavy offense. He began both his sophomore and junior seasons starting at tight end only to be moved to quarterback midway through each season because of injury.

"Really I'm a tight end – that's what everyone is recruiting me for," Sawyer said.

Enka, which has won a total of four games the last two seasons, posted a 1-10 record last fall. Sawyer was one of two All-Mountain Athletic Conference selections for the team.

Shortly after the conclusion of his junior basketball season, Sawyer transferred to Asheville High.

"He lives in our district and has always lived in our district, but he was going to Enka High School," Wilkins said. "And his family has made the choice that they want him to come here his senior year. They've not been real successful at Enka. They approached me about the possibility of him coming here – of course we're glad to have him.

"I know last year watching him on film and playing against him he's a warrior that's going to play real hard. He's got a lot of talent. I think he'll be a versatile enough guy that we can use him a variety of ways in our offense. I think it's going to measure out with what we've done in the past, and maybe enhance it a little bit with some things that he brings to the table."

Sawyer will play his desired and more natural position of tight end, where he will be utilized both as a blocker and receiving target.

"If you know Asheville football, you know we run the football," Wilkins said. "He will be called on to do a lot of blocking up front for us.

"But we also utilize the tight end [as a receiver]. Our tight end last year caught 20-something balls, like 300 yards, and several touchdowns – and that was a kid that never played tight end before. With [Sawyer], we may have to scheme and look to try to do some things to take advantage of the fact that he's played there before and he's got size and maybe extra ability."

Also, Wilkins plans to line Sawyer up at wide receiver.

"He runs well enough that we'll split him, go no tight end occasionally, and make him that long backside wide receiver and do some things with him there – I could see that happening," Wilkins said.

Defensively, just like at Enka, Sawyer will start at end.

"My goodness when you have a kid with that kind of range and size playing defensive end for you, it immediately helps defensively," Wilkins said. "He's aggressive to get up the field and pressure the passer. He'll squeeze the off-tackle lane. He has long arms and plays with leverage."

In addition to Sawyer, Asheville's roster boosts Division I-A prospects in safety Darius Drummond, offensive tackle Roosevelt Harvin, and defensive tackle Jamil Hawes.

Well before his senior football season begins, Sawyer hopes to make his collegiate decision.

"I don't want to rush anything, but then again I don't want to wait it out too long," Sawyer said. "Maybe in the next couple months [I will decide], at least, or in the next month. [I want] to get it out of the way."

Two schools stand out for Sawyer.

"I really would love to go to Georgia," Sawyer said. "But ECU is a really nice school – I liked what I saw when I toured the campus. Those two are my top two [schools].

"[Georgia is] just a big college and the football atmosphere is great. I got to go to one of the games with my cousin and it was just a great atmosphere."

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