Spring FB Interviews: Draughn & Coples

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Inside Carolina's Buck Sanders spoke with Tar Heels running back Shaun Draughn and defensive end Quinton Coples before Wednesday's practice session ...

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Interview Excerpts:

"It feels good to be the No. 1 man right now (at running back. I'm working every day to keep that spot, nothing is guaranteed. We've got a lot of competition at the running back group, so I'm just keeping it going to be a more experienced back, and to know the offense more. It helps me out tremendously.

"Trying to gain some weight, a little bit, just getting stronger in my legs and being smarter. I got with T.J. (Yates) a little bit, and talked to Coach (John) Shoop about the schemes, and actually understanding why he's calling this (play), and why he's doing this on this type of down, things like that.

"I'm 215 now, I gained ten pounds, it went real good (in the off-season), and I've still got my speed, so that's a good thing.

"I just feel experienced, I'm comfortable. When he (Coach Shoop) is calling a play, I know why he's calling it. I know what the O-linemen are going to do before they do it. It just feels good to be experienced. When you run the ball, you know mainly where the holes are going to be.

"Jamal (Womble) is doing a good job. He's running the ball physical, one of the things that Coach (Ken) Browning likes - he's going to come around and get some plays for us. Josh Adams is doing a great job, he's young and he's still learning. He's like Jamal is, but they're going to get it. By the time training camp gets here, they are going to be acclimated to the system.

"When we had the scrimmage on Saturday, I had a headache afterwards. I was telling the boys, they were laughing at me, I was talking junk to Bruce (Carter) and Quan (Sturdivant) - they are probably two of the top, best, linebackers in the ACC. To play against them and the D-line with Marvin (Austin) and E.J. (Wilson), we're just competing, every time we get on the field, we're competing. I think that's helping us get better as a team.

"I've got to hit that 1,000 yard mark. I'm going to try to get to at least 1,200, more than my goal, that's what I'm trying to achieve. Just individually, that's what I want to do."


Interview Excerpts:

"I just went extremely hard (in the weight room in the offseason) to try to get better and bigger, as far as my weight and as far as my strength. I knew that was going to be one of the qualifications I was going to need coming into this upcoming season. I weighed about 245 (when I came to UNC) - I'm up to 270. …

"I feel like it will be a lot different (this coming season), because I have a more experience. I know what to expect a lot more of, less thinking about what I am going to do, or how I'm going to do this, instead of relaxing and going out and playing. I think last year I fell into a little trap where I was thinking about what I had to do, concentrating on making sure I was trying to make plays, instead of going out there and having fun, and being relaxed."

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