Hansbrough Commemorative: 2 Days Left!

The deadline for Inside Carolina's special "Tyler Hansbrough Commemorative Issue" is Thursday, April 9. Make sure you order a subscription, or upgrade your existing subscription, to make sure you receive this issue.

Each page of this packed issue will be dedicated to Hansbrough's career. Some of the highlights will include ...

* Comprehensive four-part cover story
* Interviews with coaches, teammates, opponents and Hansbrough himself
* Powerhouse lineup of exclusive one-on-one conversations: Lennie Rosenbluth, Mitch Kupchak, Dickie Hemric, Charles Barkley, Eric Montross, Kenny Smith, Dave Cowens, Woody Durham, Jay Bilas and more
* Two-page spreads for each of his top performances
* Over 70 exclusive photos by Jim Hawkins

In other words, this is a special collectible sure to be one of Inside Carolina's most popular issues ever.


All subscription orders and upgrades must be in by April 9 to be on the mailing list when this issue ships out at the end of month. Make sure you don't miss it!

All Inside Carolina Magazine subscribers will receive this issue as part of their subscription, so you must be a subscriber.

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