NCAA Fri.: VU PC (w/audio)

Inside Carolina's Friday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from Villanova head coach Jay Wright, Scottie Reynolds, Dante Cunningham and Dwayne Anderson, who spoke to the media at Ford Field.

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Regular Friday practice, right?
"It's a great experience out there. I think it's really good preparation for our guys because when they come in here tomorrow night, they will never have seen anything like that. So today's practice, they've never seen anything like. It's just a good start. We talked about that. Just how to handle the distractions around us and try to keep our concentration, we talk about 94-by-50 feet. It was great. The fans were great, too."

You've had a few days to probably watch Scottie play about a thousand times. Can you talk about what the most amazing parts of that mad scramble were and why are we in love so much with the last-second heroics in this sport?
"Well, I think there was a lot of amazing parts of that play. If you asked me for the most, I think it was the fact that Scottie went up into the defender's arms. I thought the defender did a great job. You don't want to foul there. You want to keep your hands straight up. You want to contest the shot. The guy did everything he was supposed to do, and Scottie still completed the play. That's what was amazing about it.

"The last-second shot is, I think, only to basketball. Even the Hail Mary pass, you've got -- you know, you get to stop, run the play. In basketball, it happens so fast, and it can happen right as the horn blow. I don't think there's anything like that in sports. It's probably one of the biggest thrills in sports."

Are you ready to play a game at this point? Do you think your players are getting to that point, too?
"You know, I think we all are ready to play. But it actually has worked out pretty nicely here. I think we needed -- I don't know if it's because of our game ended the way it did against Pitt, but we needed a couple of days to enjoy that and come down from that.

"I thought Tuesday, we didn't really have a great practice. I think we were still coming down from that. And then Wednesday, we started to pick it up again. And we had a great practice Wednesday, great practice yesterday. I said to the guys today, 'We have one more day to get through. This is the challenge, where we stay focused. That's our challenge.'

"I actually think it's probably perfect times. If I had to change thinking, maybe play a little earlier tomorrow, that's all. But I think the timing's perfect."

Tyler Hansbrough is known for being aggressive under the basket, drawing fouls. What do you see in that that helps him and how do you intend to contend with that?
"Well, I believe he's made the most free throws of any player in the history of college basketball. If you look at all the stats, three-point shots made, whatever, That might be one of the most impressive stats you can have, to get yourself to the foul line and be smart enough. Over 80% free-throw shooter. You're getting a foul on your opponent and you're getting two points.

"What he does a great job of is he gets the defender out of position, and he's so strong that he actually creates contact with the ball. Lesser players use their shoulders, their arms. He uses the ball and puts it into your body. It's brilliant. You got to be really strong to do that. That's what he does, I think, better than anybody I've seen in a long time."


Scottie, it's been a few days since you hit the shot. Can you talk about different people coming up to you, the anecdotes of people telling you how cool it was. Who are your favorite last-second shots and how does your compare?
"It's been unbelievable. Everywhere I go, I go, that's the only thing anybody talks about. Especially back in Philadelphia, they had a pep rally, parade in my honor. This he going bonkers down there. But as far as the shots that I know in history, the Danny Ainge, Tyus Edney, we'll have to see where that adds up. Hopefully it will go down in history. Hopefully, they'll say we won a championship, as well."

Dante, Tyler Hansbrough has a knack for drawing fouls. What have you seen on tape that enables him to do that and how do you plan to defend without getting into too much foul trouble?
"Well, a lot of times he pump fakes. He likes to do that a lot. He takes his time in the post. I just have to stay down, be conscious of it, not go for his ball fakes."

You've been doing this for a week now, answering the same questions. How eager are you to have this part be over and play a game tomorrow?
"I think we're very prepared. We just can't wait to get on the floor. This is a wonderful experience. We're not looking past this. We're letting it soak in, all the media and different stuff we have to do for the Final Four. For example, last night, we was watching film. Reggie, I looked over, I could see in his eyes, he just cannot wait to be on the floor. So we're definitely counting down till the ball goes up in the air."

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