Lawson Receives Cousy Award

DETROIT --- Ty Lawson received the 2009 Bob Cousy Award on Monday morning, which is awarded annual to the nation's top point guard.


"First of all, I'd like to thank my parents, Coach Williams and my teammates, because without them, this award wouldn't be possible. And also the Basketball Hall of Fame, because this is a prestigious award and I thank you for it. And even though I was not around to see Bob Cousy play, from what Coach has been telling me and also the highlights I've been seeing on TV, he was a very special player, and I'd like to thank him. And I hope his wife gets better soon. Thank you."


"We do have something to do a little bit later today that we're excited about. We're honored. Ty's mom and dad are here with us as well. I feel very fortunate. I'm reaping the benefits of two great parents that have done great things with this young man, who has been a phenomenal basketball player… I just want you folks to know that the young man who is getting the Bob Cousy Award today truly is a leader, truly is a point guard [and] truly is a young man who makes everyone better around him. And I'm honored to have Ty Lawson as one of my players.

"He's been a complete thrill for me for three years. I kid him every now and then, and it's with affection that I call him ‘Dennis the Menace,' because he is that, but this year he's turned another page and matured so much and gotten tougher, so that for the last month, I've called him ‘Rambo.' If you'll take a look when he comes up here, he's wearing one dress shoe and one little boot to take care of that big toe that's provided a great deal of frustration for all of us and worry for me – I didn't have this many gray hairs not too long ago. But he's one of the toughest young men that I've ever been around with what he's dealt with for the past month.

"He's made Roy Williams a much better coach, he's made the University of North Carolina a much better basketball team and he's been an absolute joy to be around… In 2005, I was very honored because Raymond Felton was our point guard and we played for the national championship that night, and they handed the award to Raymond, and [he] grasped the award in a very casual manner and did not realize how heavy it was. He almost dropped the award and threw his back out, and for two hours during that day, I had a massage therapist working on Raymond so he could play in the national championship game that night. I have coached Tywon, so he's going to have his feet spread, shoulder-width apart and his weight on the balls of his feet…

"We're honored to be here, and son, I'm very honored to be your coach."

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