The Busy Life of John Wall

John Wall is smack dab in the center of the biggest recruiting story in a long, long time. Every team that has won the national title since 2004 is now trying to recruit him. With only all-star games remaining, Wall's busy life just became much more hectic.

John Wall is a busy guy. He's on the move.

The nation's top point guard leaves for the Hoop Summit on Wednesday and his travels could keep him away from home until April 20. Wall is set to play in this weekend's game and then the following weekend at the Jordan Brand in New York.

Since Word of God goes on break soon, Wall's unlikely to be around Raleigh much. Translation: college coaches won't be able to meet with him for at least a week and a half.

Recently, two superpowers rang up his digits. Head coaches from North Carolina and Florida connected with him on the phone. How serious are they? "I wouldn't (add them to the list) as of right now because I hadn't talked to them like that yet and I don't know if it's serious," Wall said. "I'm supposed to talk to (North Carolina) and Coach Donovan from Florida. (The Gators) want a chance to recruit me. He couldn't do it before because Nick Calathes was there."

Wall's supposition that there's something to the calls is dead on. Florida's Calathes is testing the waters and everyone who saw Monday's national title game feels Tywon Lawson will enter the NBA ranks.

North Carolina made headlines last Thursday when Roy Williams reached out to Wall before the Final Four. "He's going to call me (this) Thursday when I'm in Oregon for the Hoop Summit," Wall said.

In the meantime, Duke, Baylor, Miami, North Carolina State, Kansas, Memphis and of course, Kentucky, have kept up communication.

On March 29, Wall was in Durham for a face-to-face with the Devils. "It's going pretty good," Wall said of his recruitment by Duke. "I like Coach K and what he told me. It seemed like everything was great while I was over there."

It will be interesting to see what the next two weeks bring for Wall. He's set to play with Xavier Henry and DeMarcus Cousins in the Hoop Summit. A week later, they'll all participate in the Jordan game. They're linked by a common bond: John Calipari. Henry and Cousins were in the Memphis stable of recruits and Wall leaned the Tigers way before Coach Cal left for Lexington.

Will the time spent with Henry and Cousins unite the trio for UK? That remains to be seen. As far as Wall is concerned, he knows enough about the Wildcats that he won't need a return trip to Lexington; he's been to UK twice unofficially.

Miami has a scheduled visit with Wall the weekend of April 24-26. "They've been recruiting me for a while," Wall said of the 'Canes. "They came down and talked to me for an hour and they said they wanted me to come down and take a visit. I'll be at the Jordan game and then that next weekend I'll go out there."

Memphis, and new coach Josh Pastner, reached out to him on Monday. Wall's yet to share the details of the call with his family and advisors.

"To have good programs like Carolina, Kentucky and Duke look at you … they're all good situations," Wall said.

As for now, the freshest information is the contact from North Carolina and Florida. Wall termed UNC's interest as "something I'd like to explore."

Last week's call from Roy Williams caught him off guard. "I was a little bit," he said. "I think they wanted to call before but they didn't know what to talk about. (Williams is) going to talk to me first and then my mom. My mom said she's going to talk to him when she gets chance."

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