Combine MVP to Camp at UNC

Saying Tehvyn Brantley will have a busy summer would truly be an understatement. The 5-foot-8, 164-pound wide receiver is scheduled to attend over 20 camps.

"When I'm not ranked real high, I have to get my name out there as much as possible," Brantley said. "The more I get seen, the more chances I get to get offers.

"I've sent out highlight tapes and got great responses from everyone [who received the highlights] and everyone just wants to see me at their one-day camps."

Brantley, who has been offered by Buffalo and Central Michigan, plans to attend the Nike Camp in Texas, as well as one-day camps at Arizona State, California, Clemson, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Southern Cal, Tennessee, UCLA, and Wake Forest.

"I'm kind of worried [about getting burnt out] but not really," Brantley said. "My friends call me the Martian, because I play like I'm from another planet and my body doesn't get tired. I've showed up at a camp ten minutes before show time and been able to put on a show."

Last summer, Brantley was in his "Martian" form, attending nearly 20 camps throughout the nation including Duke, Florida State, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Purdue, South Carolina, Texas, Toledo, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, and the Nike Combine at UNC.

On Sunday at's Combine, Brantley provided a preview of what's in store this summer. After being virtually uncoverable during one-on-one passing drills, he was awarded the Combine's Offensive MVP.

"I have no secret," Brantley said. "It's just something that finally got noticed. To be honest, I really do this at most of the camps; I just get over shadowed by the four- or five-star [prospects]."

Earlier this spring, Brantley visited UNC for one of its first practices of the spring.

"It was a great experience," Brantley said. "They're very excited about me.

"I will be attending on the 19th [of June] – that's the day they want to see me. They want me to play running back, receiver, and do some special teams."

During his stay, Brantley talked extensively with Marcus Berry, UNC's Director of Player Personnel.

"He said all I have to do is show up at the camp and run a 4.4 [forty-yard dash] and I have the scholarship," Brantley said. "He said he loved my tape and he said he knows I'm going to do my thing on the one-on-ones. He just wants to see me run that 4.4 legitimate."

Brantley, who will be a mid-term enrollee after graduating from Mt. Zion in December, is favoring Clemson, UNC, and most of the Pac-10 schools.

"I attended the junior day at Clemson and it was just a great experience walking down that hill. I think any recruit that walks down that hill will make a commitment right there.

"At Carolina, even if I don't go pro, I'll get a good education that can lead to many jobs.

"The Pac-10 has a lot of offenses that run the spread and I feel like I fit the best in a spread offense. And I love the west coast – great weather and they compete out there."

Brantley began his prep career at Charlotte (N.C.) Victory Christian. However, midway through the 2008 season – originally his senior year – he decided to transfer out.

"We had some off-the-field issues that I really don't like talking about," Brantley said. "It had to get taken care of, but better late than never. When they got taken care of, I had to do what I had to do."

Brantley decided to switch to Durham (N.C.) Mt. Zion Christian, where he was reclassified to junior status.

"At Mt. Zion, it's a place where you can become a man," Brantley said. "It makes you become a man. It's known as a basketball school, but I plan on being the first D1 football player to come out of there."

Combining his production at both schools, Brantley, who lined up at every offensive skill position, accounted for 28 all-purpose touchdowns (15 passing and 13 receiving).

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