Kendall Marshall's Journal - May '09

Future Tar Heel Kendall Marshall, a 6-4 junior point guard at Arlington (Va.) Bishop O'Connell, keeps Tar Heel fans updated on his path to Chapel Hill with regular journal entries at

MAY 2009


Watching the championship game, it felt very good to know that you are committed to the best team in the country. They ran through the entire tournament without a single digit victory and that's impressive. I can't think of the last time anybody did that. It felt very good to watch all of that.

It's hard for me to understand how they felt. The juniors and seniors had been there and had to wait for three or four years. I can't totally understand what it is they were feeling when they experienced that. I've won smaller championships in AAU and all of that, but I can only imagine what it felt like to win a NCAA championship.


With the new NCAA restrictions on how much they can see us and talk to us, Coach Williams just wanted me to come down to Chapel Hill last month to go over what I needed to do to get ready for UNC. We just sat down and talked about what they'd like for me to do this summer and things like that. It was encouraging to know that they still are with me 100 percent and just want me to do well.

It wasn't necessarily going into detail about any one area. It was just to keep getting better. He just stressed that he wanted me to enjoy my senior year and prepare to come into Carolina ready to win. It wasn't really anything about my abilities or specifics of my game.

The decommitment rumors were never the case or something we talked about. That was just the word going around for some reason and just people looking to start something out of nothing. That was never the case and I've always been counting down the days until I get to Carolina.


We've played in four events already. We won states and then we've lost in the semis of three straight tournaments. We look at it that we just need to get over that hump. Diamonds are made from pressure and hopefully now we'll rise to the occasion and win the next tournament we play in. We have the Southern Invitational (they may have changed the name, I'm not really sure) this weekend in Hampton. It's going to have teams like Team Final and CP3 with Reggie Bullock will be down there, so hopefully we get to play against them.

I think that I've been a little up and down. I feel like I started the summer a bit better than I did last year. But, I've still been up and down. I want to go out there and be real consistent this summer. I feel like if I'm an elite guard then I should never have a bad game -- if anything it shouldn't be worse than average.

It's very tough at times. This last tournament in Ft. Wayne, Ind. we played four games on Saturday. You don't always do that in every AAU tournament, but you've got to learn to play and persevere through that.

It's pretty much nonstop with school and basketball right now. I feel like once I get to my senior year things will slow down. It's just getting to that point. But, from what I hear from other players, once you get there you can kind of coast a little bit. School is very hard right now. We're writing term papers, cramming for finals and teachers are trying to give us a bunch of stuff late. With the plane rides and traveling, I've just got to try and use my time wisely.

-- Kendall

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