UNC-Duke: Postgame Quotes + Audio

DURHAM, N.C. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Mike Fox, Dustin Ackley, Adam Warren, Mike Cavasinni, Levi Michael and Duke coach Sean McNally and his players following Wednesday's 8-3 victory over Duke at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

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Opening Statement from Coach Fox:
"It is obviously great to win the first game in the tournament. It was one of our most complete games of the year, I think, all the way around - on the mound and defensively certainly with Levi [Michael] and making some great plays and Dusty carrying us offensively. It was one of our better games - we really came ready to play tonight. We have seen Adam [Warren] do that a number of times in his career and it was great to see him pitch as well as he did - and pitch through the first inning - which has been his nemesis - once he did that we felt pretty good."

Fox on the Tar Heels struggles against left handed pitching and their performance tonight against Duke's Christopher Manno:
"We are 19-5 against left handed pitching this year. But, it was nice for us to swing the bat well and I thought our approach against Manno was good - we kind of went against his fastball and we had a real good approach against him tonight. We had some extra base hits tonight which is kind of not our M.O. and I thought Cavasinni got his first career home run there on the triple - which was exciting to see."

Fox on the crowd:
"I thought it was a great atmosphere - everybody was kind of right on top of you. I said during the game that it felt like they were right on top of you or in the dugout with you - they are right there on the field. They were vocal and we could hear them tonight. I thought it was a good crowd - I was hoping so."

Fox on the team scoring runs:
"We went through a stretch where we were having trouble producing runs and I think we got out of it a little bit in the second game against BC and we scored some runs up there on Saturday so I was hoping that would build some confidence in our guys and I thought we could swing the bats better and I felt like we played like that tonight."

Fox on what he is looking for with having Ryan Graepel bat leadoff:
"Not a lot of speed, that is for sure, hopefully [laughs]. It was kind of a gut thing against BC - I thought, let's put Dusty in the two hole. We have only one objective when we start the game: have somebody on base when Dustin Ackley and Kyle Seager come to the plate. That is what we talked about a couple of weeks ago - let's say it like it is, let's have guys on base to have a chance to score more than two or three runs a game.

"I don't think it really matters, but Ryan was really seeing the ball well and still is seeing the ball very well. He's not swinging at a lot of balls and moving the ball around - we just decided to make a change and I don't know if we will stay with it, but we will probably stay with Ryan with Virginia throwing another tough lefty against us."

Junior Mike Cavasinni on his triple that hit in the corner:
"For a split second I thought it might have a shot, but then it kind of went back into focus that I don't hit home runs [laughs] so I started running and legged out the triple."

Junior Dustin Ackley on describing the two home runs he hit:
"The first at bat was a 2-0 fastball. I pretty much got all I could of it. The second one was a changeup up and in. I didn't get that as good as the first one, but I got enough of it."

Senior Adam Warren on coming out for the ninth inning:
"I haven't been there so it's kind of new to me, but I felt like I still had good life on my fastball. I tried to keep the same mindset as I had the first seven or eight innings. The defense was so good tonight that I knew I could put it in play and they'd make plays for me."

Freshman Levi Michael on his game changing catch in short center field:
"Just off the bat it looked like it was going to be one of those balls that would find a spot and a hole and land. The ball was over my head - I laid out and made the catch and when I came up Cavi was in my ear yelling to throw the ball to first."


McNally's Opening Statement:
"I tip my hat to Adam Warren, I thought he was terrific tonight. We had an idea on what he'd try to do, and he just executed his game plan really well and we weren't able to make an adjustment to him. I felt both teams played terrific defense, and of course there is a reason why Dustin Ackley is the Player of the Year in the conference. We attacked him and went after him, and he made us pay tonight."

Catcher Matt Williams on Levi Michael's catch:
"Plays like that are momentum changers. That takes a hit away from us there into a double play, so we go from having two runners on with nobody out to having nobody on and two outs. It was an absolutely phenomenal play."

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