Linton: 'It Was The Place For Me'

Ty Linton committed to North Carolina head coach Butch Davis late Thursday. Early Friday morning, Linton spoke with about his decision ...

What was it ultimately led you to choose UNC?

"It's close to home, the coaching staff is unbelievable, it gives me the option of being a two-sport athlete, and you can't beat the academics. It's an all-around university. It fits my qualities.

"All a long I felt like I was pretty comfortable. They didn't rush me too much. It feels like everything fits together baseball-wise and football-wise. I didn't feel like I was pressured to make any decision. I just felt like it was the place for me."

What went behind the timing of the decision?

"I was thinking [about committing] probably during the early summer. But the summer for me is pretty hectic with baseball with a lot of showcase tournaments. I wanted to concentrate on baseball this summer and not have to worry about my recruitment. But I was thinking ‘Why not now?' so I went ahead and pulled the trigger."

How did you commit?

"I called Coach [Butch] Davis, I called Coach [Everett] Withers and I said ‘I want to be a Tar Heel.' They were ecstatic. The whole family is very excited. I talked to Coach [Art] Kaufman, too."

What did the coaches say?

"They were just telling me that this was a great decision for the type of player I am defensively, their defense fits me, [and] I can't really go wrong here academically or football-wise."

How does the staff plan to utilize you?

"I've talked to Withers and he says he can see me as a linebacker, he can see me as a safety. They see me as an all-around guy, where they can put in and play me in different positions. It just all depends on when I get there. Davis was saying he definitely sees me as an outside linebacker."

Rumors began circulating that you were going to commit a couple of weeks ago...

"I think it just leaked out a little bit. I told my coach that I think Carolina was the place. Somehow it leaked out earlier than I wanted it to."

What's the situation with the baseball team?

"I talked to Coach [Butch] Davis, I talked to Coach [Mike] Fox and they're all for me being a two-sport athlete. I'm going to go there my first couple of years and I'm going to try [to be a two-sport athlete] and see how it goes.

"They both told me if I just want to play football, I'll still have my football scholarship. If I just want to stay baseball, then they're going to offer me [a scholarship] to play baseball, too. They're giving me the option to play both and if I do want to go one way or the other, they give me the option to do that, too."

Putting football aside, would they have been recruiting you just for baseball?

"I'm definitely one of their guys that they want on their team."

How much of an affect did UNC's baseball team have on your decision?

"Of course, UNC has a great baseball program. I had a couple of other options to go play two sports where the football was great and the baseball was just ok. But [UNC is] like the all-around package. I think I'm getting the full deal with a great baseball team and a great football team. [The baseball team] had a lot to do with [my decision]."

How firm is this commitment? Will you visit any other schools?

"I'm not going to visit other schools. I'm going to concentrate on baseball during the summer. This is it. It's a strong verbal commitment."

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