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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Casey Prather arrived in The Triangle on Friday and took a quick tour of the UNC campus before the Tournament of Champions began. After his opening game Friday night at the Smith Center, the 6-5 rising senior forward from Tennessee spoke to ...

You had 12 points and eight boards in the win tonight. How'd the tournament start off for you?

It felt pretty good. I've got to get back in my groove. I missed the last tournament, so I've got some adjustments to make.

What do you look like when you're in your groove compared to what we saw tonight?

More fluid and probably a little more patient.

What's your role on this team?

We all can score and we all can play defense, so we've got to all commit to defense and go from there … I'm more of a teammate, I like to get my teammates involved.

You in particular seemed to excel on defense tonight…

You can't win a game without playing defense. I take pride in the way I play defense.

Have you gotten a chance to check out any area schools yet since you've arrived down here?

I saw a little bit. I think tomorrow morning I'm supposed to look at it a little bit further. [Today] I went into the museum and looked around campus a little bit at different buildings. I also went to Duke and looked at them for a little while.

What stood out from your visits?

I like [UNC] so far. They've got a big campus and it's not a big city, which I kind of like. … [The museum] was very nice and I got to see about all the former players. …

What about the basketball museum left an impression on you?

Michael Jordan.

What do you plan to see tomorrow that you didn't get to see at UNC today?

I didn't get to see the locker rooms, the practice gym and stuff like that. I'll see that tomorrow.

Where does UNC stand with you in your recruitment?

They're one of the top priorities for me. I've liked Carolina since I was a little kid, so it's big to have them recruiting me.

And what's their interest in you?

I believe they've got a real high interest in me. They want to evaluate me more in July. They've come to my high school a couple times, to my games and to watch me practice.

What's been your most recent conversation with the UNC staff?

My dad talked to them yesterday to make sure I was on campus and got to look around a little bit.

What other schools are showing a lot of interest in you now?

Clemson, Vanderbilt, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Minnesota and others ...

Do you have any plans to take some more campus visits this summer?

I'm supposed to be visiting Florida pretty soon, but we haven't set a date. I'm going to visit Michigan sometime soon, but I'm not sure when.

Have you made any attempt to set a timeline to move toward a decision?

I'm just taking it as I go. Whenever I'm ready, I'll make my decision.

What do you think is your position on the next level?

‘2' or ‘3' – whatever they want me to do.

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