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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Marshall Plumlee, 2011 post player, provides insight into his recruitment as it begins to take shape.

Tell us where your recruitment stands right now.

It is starting to pick up a little bit, but right now I'm just going to ignore it and try to get better. I have an idea of the kind of schools I like. It's been a blessing to see my brothers go through the process. I'll just learn from the decisions they made and the schools they looked at. I have plenty of time.

Who do you have firm offers from at this point?

I have firm offers from NC State, IU, Notre Dame, and Minnesota.

What kind of attention have you gotten from Duke since your brothers are there?

Not much. We are on a friendly basis since my brothers go there. I mean, I'm friends with all the coaches, and I know all the players. It's a lot of fun coming to games and getting to see them all, but I don't think there is any recruitment at this point.

Should they come into the recruitment, how much of a role will it play that your brothers are there?

It would definitely be something I have to think about, something worth considering (taking a basketball to the back from brother Mason) even though they pick on me right now. It would be awesome to play with my brothers. It's a blessing to have two bigger brothers to push me. I think it would be awesome to follow them to the college level, but that is not the only deciding factor in the college I go to. At this point, I'm completely open to anything and everything.

You are what, about 6-11 ½ ?

Yeah, sometimes I say 6-11 ½, sometimes seven feet, sometimes 6-11. It depends.

How much do you weigh?

I'm actually 200. I don't look it. It depends on what I eat. I could be pushing 195.

Compare and contrast your game with your brothers. I know you didn't go out to shoot the ball as much as maybe Mason would.

Definitely, my shot is something I need to work on. I have been putting in the practice. I'm going to work on it, it is going to get better. I have a long ways to go as far as that is concerned. I guess, just from the beginning, I am more of a post mind-set and oriented player. That's probably the reason I work on more things down there. I guess my goal, in the long run, is to be someone who can dominate the low post as far as rebounds, defense, scoring around the basket. And then after I feel like I am making progress there, I will try to expand my game and get more versatile.

This is an opportunity for you to get out of the shadow of your brothers. Is it a little different now that you don't have them here?

It's definitely different. I'm really looking forward to this school year at Christ School. It's tough being without my brothers, but this will be the first year I have played without them at the high school level, so I am looking forward to it, and it will be a good challenge. It will make me step up [my game]. One thing I will miss is two 6-10 Division I players to push me everyday in practice. It doesn't get any better competition than that.

Has the University of North Carolina contacted you at all?

They have talked to my coach a few times, and they said they are showing interest. That's a great school, and I'd be honored just to be recruited by them.

With your brothers at Duke, and the rivalry with North Carolina, many people will assume that North Carolina is out. Would that be a bad assumption?

I guess the one thing I can say at this point is don't make any assumptions. I'm not like my brothers—I'm the goofy one. I do a lot of things different. Yeah, I guess no assumptions, premonitions about what decision I will make.

Has Tom Crean at Indiana really stayed in touch with you?

Yeah, we have stayed in touch, and they have given me an offer. It's a great school, and I think it has a lot of upside. It is definitely a school I'd be interested in, and I guess I just have to see what kind of progress they make in the years to come. I'm in the perfect position to see how they re-build and if they are going on the upside.

What size are your feet?


And your brothers?

They are both 18. But I wear some 17's. My feet are the smallest just by a little bit, but I've got them in height.

What do you feel like you have the most room to improve upon?

Definitely, I need to get a feel for the offensive end of the floor. Sometimes, I predetermine moves in my head or I go too fast. I like to bring a lot of energy and intensity, and sometimes I just need to take a step back and take a deep breath. Definitely, expanding my game as far as shooting, ball-handling. And the list goes on and on as for what I need to work on. But I think I have a pretty good picture, and I'll just take it in stride and keep working.

Is there a certain style that you feel your game fits best?

I don't know about style, but I've got to say one person I look up to a lot is Kevin Garnett, so I definitely want to be capable of everything 17 feet and in.

Marshall Plumlee

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