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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- With his brother Luke graduating from Notre Dame this year and his other brother Tyler enrolled at North Carolina, Cody Zeller is beginning to emerge as a high major prospect as well.

With Tyler watching from the sidelines, Cody's team prevailed Friday night on the Smith Center Practice Court in its opening game at the Tournament of Champions. Afterward, the 6-9 rising junior from Washington (Ind.) HS spoke with ...

What's it like to have two brothers go through the recruiting process before you?

It's been great. It helps knowing what the process is like and what to expect. It was toughest for Luke [being first], but I kind of know what's going on now, so it's a big advantage.

What sort of advice have they passed down along the way?

They just tell me little stuff here and there. Nothing real big. Stuff like ‘This move will work in college' and ‘This move will work in high school, but not in college.'

What has Tyler told you about his experience at North Carolina thus far?

He just loves it here. He loves everything about the coaches, the facilities, the education and everything. I know he's real happy here.

Did you get a chance to go to any of UNC's games this past season?

I went to all their [NCAA] Tournament games. And I watched them play their first or second game of the season.

What was it like following along for the Tournament run?

It was amazing. They've got great tradition down here and it's always fun watching him play.

What do you expect to see from Tyler his sophomore year at UNC?

You're going to see a lot. You saw it in those first two games what he can do. The sky's the limit for him.

How do you think your game is different than your brothers?

I try to get the best of both of them. Luke's definitely the best shooter and I try to shoot like him – and I'm not there yet. And Tyler's real good at running the floor. Luke's real strong. I just pick out little things – that's what I'm working at.

You seem to have a bit more of a perimeter game earlier in your career than your brothers …

Yeah, Tyler stepped out in high school and shot a lot more and he'll do that this year. Luke's more of a three-point shooter. We'll see where I end up.

In terms of your recruitment, are there are any schools that have already shown a lot of interest.

Yeah, IU has offered me. And I've got a couple that say they are going to offer when I take a visit – Purdue and Butler. Ohio State and a couple others have been looking, Iowa came down to watch me play, so it's all started up already.

How are you approaching the recruiting process at this point?

I'm just seeing whose interested in me now and I'll worry about looking into it more this summer.

Is North Carolina going to be an option for you?

Of course.

What do you mean by that?

Everyone's in the running right now.

Has UNC begun recruiting you?

Yeah, they've just said ‘Hi' to me. They were going to come down and watch me but they had something else going. I know they're interested in me.

Cody Zeller

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