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RALEIGH, N.C. -- The 2010 wing forward provided an update on his recruitment, including where North Carolina stands, as he spoke to Saturday at the Tournament of Champions.

That was a hard-fought, back-and-forth matchup this morning. What do you take away from a game like that?

Dedication. You've got to dig in. That game was not about finesse or fundamentals. It was about heart right there. If you don't have any heart, you won't pull it out.

How did you join up with this Baltimore Stars team? You weren't listed on the roster. Was this a late decision to join them?

It was a late decision to come out, run with the team. We have a lot of chemistry because we grew up playing basketball with each other, so I was really confident about picking this team.

You didn't play a lot of AAU basketball last summer. Is there a reason that this summer you are getting into the mix more?

It wasn't really a big issue. Last summer I was just practicing and studying on the SAT's. That's why I really couldn't play on the circuit last summer. Right now, I'm done so I'm fine right now.

Are you taking anything away from playing AAU this summer against good competition?

It's basketball. You learn every day playing basketball. It's fun, so you learn every day. You learn from your opponents and you learn from your teammates.

What have you learned and gotten better at by playing good competition?

The main thing I've learned is trust—trusting teammates. Trusting that they can make the big shot, that they can cut to the open basket.

You had a big game last night and a solid game today. What do you think of your play so far?

I'm just playing basketball. I'm still trying to get back to my rhythm. Like you said, this is my first time back on the circuit, just trying to get back to my rhythm, trying to get my legs right. I'm just having fun right now.

When you are really in your rhythm, what do you look like? What is different about your game that we might not have seen today, that you will get as you get more into rhythm?


Forty points?

Forty points.

You had 30 the first game...

I had 30 the first game. I don't know how much I had the second game. How much did I have?

I think I had you for 11 points.

Tell me about your role on this team. It looks like you are playing more of a post player, especially defensively.

I'm not really playing a post player. I'm still playing my same position, wing forward. It's just that we have certain guys ... I don't want to put other players in wrong positions because I can do it all—(I can be a) post player (or I can) bring it up. Like I said, trust. I play the post knowing that I let my other teammate play that wing, so he can be comfortable. I know he won't be comfortable in the post.

That makes sense. How are you getting better?

I'm getting better every day. The game we just played really wasn't a good example. We lacked some communication defensively.

Where do you stand in your recruitment, and what teams are on you right now?

Right now I'm open for all schools. My list is open. I haven't made my decision yet. I haven't narrowed anything down. All the top NCAA [teams] that you can think of are very interested in me and they have offered.

So, no point in making a list because you have so many teams?

Yeah, and I don't want to not mention one.

What ACC schools are recruiting you pretty hard, schools from around this area?

University of North Carolina, North Carolina State, Duke. They are the only three schools in North Carolina that are recruiting me. Other than that, everybody else.

What type of interest are you getting from North Carolina. I know they have been recruiting you for awhile. Where does that recruitment stand with you?

Oh, it's very high. I'm still talking to all the coaches, getting some feedback from some of the players that used to play on the team and players that are on the team right now. I'm just getting some feedback because, when I go to the top, big schools, I just want to be comfortable, I just want to have fun. That's all.

Do you keep in touch with the North Carolina staff?

Yeah, I keep in touch.

Your Dad does, I guess?

Yeah, he does [within] the NCAA rules and regulations. He keeps in touch. They call and we call them. We are in contact with them.

They have been on you for awhile, but they haven't offered yet. Are they looking to see something [in order] to make an offer? How does that work?

I really don't know, but I just got news the other day that Duke, they put something on the table—they offered.

Duke offered you?

Duke offered me.

North Carolina, they still want to see more. I guess like further down in the summer, during the camps.

Is that what they told you, they are going to keep watching you?

Oh yeah, they're having fun just like me. I told them, 'Don't rush. Don't rush through this. Have fun watching, Coach.'

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Transcription by J.B. Cissell

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