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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Inside Carolina catches up with 2010 wing Tar Heel commitment at the Tournament of Champions.

Some of these other guys that are getting recruited, they are getting a lot of attention. Do you feel like you are missing out on anything since you have already made your decision?

No, not really, because it's all about helping my teammates get a place or a school to go to in life. I've already made my decision and got my life together. Just basically, I'm going out helping them, sharing the ball with them, trying to get them into the game.

How do you feel like your game has developed over the past year?

I'm being more of a teammate, being passive, finding the open man, being aggressive when I actually need to, just all around being a leader on the court.

P.J. Hairston said last night that you are a player that he looks up to. What is your relationship like?

P.J. is a good player. Some of the things I like about his game is that he can shoot the deep ball, he can take over a game as well. He's got a pull-up, basically he's got an NBA player mentality shooting-wise. He is a good player. Hopefully, he can come to this school with me. He's a good player. Hopefully, he can do work in the 2011 class.

You mention playing together in college. Obviously, every player has to make the decision that is best for himself, but do you talk about playing together?

We just all talk. Like there are players on this team going to Wake Forest, and players are getting recruited all over. We are always beefing: ‘Wake Forest is not the best school. Carolina is the best school.' We just all have fun about it. As long as they are going to a college or a university and are playing the game that they love with a free education, it's all about having friendships on the team.

What is your relationship like with the UNC coaches? How often do you talk?

I talk to them a lot. I come up here and see them. The players treat me like ... they came and watched me play today. They treat me like family. They call me ‘little brother.' I look up to them, pick up some of the things that they are doing in college life. They just mentor me.

Do you feel like you are already part of the team? I know Kendall Marshall says, "We" already when he talks about Carolina. Do you feel that way too?

Yeah, I feel like that. When they come seem me play, they really love me. I just make myself a part of their team.

How often do you talk to Kendall?

I talk to him a lot. He shoots me a text every once in awhile. He tells me how they are doing in tournaments. I tell him how we are doing in tournaments. We are just trying to find another dude to go with us in the class of 2010.

How involved are you when you say you want to find another dude?

We basically look for a dude with a good personality, good ball skills, good communication-wise, likes meeting new people, a down-to-earth guy.

What do you feel like you need to work on between now and enrolling in college?

Being more aggressive, hitting the weights some more like I'm hitting them now. Coming in here with a total package.

Do you feel like that since you have aligned yourself with UNC that you have a target on yourself?. You are now Reggie Bullock, future UNC player. Do you feel like guys want to match you and test you and try to prove themselves against you?

Yeah, I'm not going to say I'm trying to shut any [player] down, but I take it to the heart when a player scores on me so I try to come down next time and D them up really good, make a good pass, or just play my game. I don't let ‘Reggie Bullock going to North Carolina' mean I have to come out and put on a show for people. I just play the game, let my game come to me, and get my teammates involved.

How much more assertive offensively do you feel like you will have to be for your high school team this year?

I'm going to have to be an aggressive player, just lead [my team] to a state championship, take over games when I need to, help players on my team, find the open man, just be a leader on the court.

You mentioned being a good teammate here with your AAU teammates. When you get to Carolina, you will be playing with a lot of talented players. Do you feel like that will help you transition to that kind of environment? A lot of college players were "The man" in high school and find difficulty in blending in.

I feel like if I work on my leadership skills now, it will be easier when I come to college. I can tell the bigger dudes, older dudes, superstars what they need to do and just go out and be a part of the family.

You've played on this court many times before, but does it hold any more meaning knowing that this is where you will play in college?

Yeah, I just look around and see all the banners. Hopefully, I can put up one when I come here.

What do you talk about with the guys who are on the team when you come on your visit here?

I talk to Wayne Ellington, and he told me that he will pass me the throne when it is time for him to leave. Basically, just to come in here preparing while I am in high school, just to become a total player.

Coach Williams has said that he doesn't coach players on other teams because he doesn't want other coaches trying to coach players on his team, but do you ever talk about what he wants you to work on or how he sees your game developing?

He never told me what I actually need to work on, but I know my weaknesses. He just told me to come, work hard, and that great players like me make great coaches like him look good. He knows my game so he will put me in a good situation, hopefully playing at the next level after college.

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