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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Marquis Rankin entered the spring as a local class of 2011 standout, but several months later has begun experiencing what it's like to be recruited at a national level. The 6-0 Charlotte (N.C.) Vance point guard talked to at the Tournament of Champions ...

How's the tournament been going for you so far?

It's been good, real competitive. I've been playing well, but I can play a lot better.

How about the spring season overall?

I was hurt – I sprained my ankle. This is my first event [of the season]. My ankle's been slowing me down a bit.

For those that haven't seen you yet, what are your biggest strengths as a player?

Getting up the floor, my defense and penetrating.

And what aspects of your game are you trying to improve upon?

My mid-range and long-range game.

With a strong high school season followed by a big day at the Carolina Challenge in March, it seems you've been starting to get a lot more attention from colleges and the media …

Yeah, a lot. It's tough getting all the phone calls, but I'm handling it well.

Which schools have stepped up their interest this spring?

Carolina, Duke, Ohio State, Alabama.

Did those schools offer or is it more introductory stuff?

They haven't offered, they just introduced [themselves].

What's the extent of the interest you've gotten from North Carolina thus far?

I've gotten a lot of interest. I've talked to Coach Roy Williams two times. I had a conference call with him three weeks ago. I felt real good to get a call from Roy Williams after he'd just got done winning a national championship.

What did Roy Williams tell you?

He told me that I'm the type of point guard that made him win two championships – like Ty Lawson.

How are you approaching your recruitment – have you thought about how you'll narrow down your list and eventually pick a school?

I've got to look at the schools that are coming on me and pick the one that fits my style of play.

Was there any school you were a fan of growing up?

Yeah, the Tar Heels … since I was little. I just like them. It's close to home.

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