UNC-CCU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Mike Fox, Colin Bates, Ben Bunting and Levi Michael, as well as Coastal Carolina head coach Gary Gilmore and Rico Noel following Saturday's 14-5 blowout victory over the Chanticleers at Boshamer Stadium.

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UNC Head Coach Mike Fox
Opening remarks:
"After the first three innings, I thought we played exceptionally well - some of our best baseball defensively, and we had some great relief pitching. We needed to hit some balls in the gap and get runners in scoring position, and we were able to do that. It seemed like that was contagious and we were able to hit some balls hard. It was a big win for us. We had big performances from just about everyone in the lineup and it was good to see. We needed a game like this."

On the Tar Heels approach against Wheeler:
"He struck out a lot of guys - but he has walked his share as well. We were looking for fastball early then we saw coming out of the gate that he was struggling a little bit. You have to kind of take the game as it starts and as soon as he looks like he is rushing and does not have good command it kind of changes your approach. So I have good coaches in the dugout telling these guys what pitch to look for. We have been a very patient team.

"I like the way we looked at the ball good today and worked ourselves into some good counts. I think you are seeing Ben Bunting sort of come into his own a little bit. He has strike outs than Dusty [Ackley] this season and he has got a chance at being a really, really good player. He looks at the ball really good and gets himself into some good counts. We were able to do that against two good lefties today."

On getting the offense going tonight:
"Well we were able to do that at [Boston College] I think we went up there and scored a bunch of runs with them - so it is not like we haven't done it all year long. It is a good sign hitting is confidence, it is contagious, it is feeling good in the box. It is all about how you feel - all that stuff - it is between the ears a lot. This is good for all the guys that helped us tonight getting base hits it certainly helps you coming to the ball park the next day."

On Dustin Ackley:
"You all have already said it - he is taken for granted and he is not even in [the press conference] I think he broke the record for career runs. I don't know what else to tell you - write whatever you want to as long it is a positive adjective it would be correct. He is the best player in the country without a doubt. He has to be. I don't say that very often but he is an amazing talent."

On Alex White:
"I'll tell you a lot of guys would not have pitched tonight. Alex had a huge blister on his finger early and he tweaked his hamstring earlier in the week and it was a secret and we did not tell anybody. He wanted to pitch tonight but he was not 100 percent so what we got out of him was terrific.

"It was hot and he was not quite himself and he did not feel good and you saw him not get off the mound there early in the game - a little bit of a brain lock - but a little bit about his leg. He will be ready for next weekend. He is the guy we need out there. If you saw the blister on his finger you would be amazed he would be able to pitch into the fifth inning. He is a tough cookie and he just gave us what he could."

Colin Bates

On facing Coastal Carolina:
"I don't forget how I've done in the past against them. As soon as the game starts I forget about it. It does not matter who we are playing I go out there and throw my game and throw strikes and make them hit me. They were hitting it at us today and they were making big plays behind me so I was pretty pleased."

On what he had working tonight:
"I think the biggest thing today was strike one. Whether or not anything was working well - because I felt like once I got ahead of them they were not taking their best swings when it was my count instead of theirs. If I fell behind then I noticed they took some better swings but I thought my slider was working well in the zone and outside the zone and I felt like I could spot my fastball pretty well."

On his 10 day layoff from pitching in a game:
"I felt about the same to tell you the truth. Practice and everything - you have to be ready when Coach calls your name."

Ben Bunting

On what they expected from Wheeler:
"We knew we just needed not to give into his game and take our own approach and try to hit balls on the nose and that is what we did."

On his 3 RBI double and what pitch he was looking for:
"I think it gave us a lot of momentum. We were just trying to find a way to get ahead and it gave us the push to make a run. I was just looking for something over the plate that I could put on the ground or put in play. He threw me the first pitch - a changeup in the dirt so I took that so I was looking for something in on the next pitch he threw me a fastball on about the inner half and I just let my hands go to it."

Levi Michael

On Coastal's pitching and getting four hits tonight:
"Coastal's pitching staff is very good. But tonight I was seeing the ball pretty well and stayed back on a couple of change-ups and didn't try to do too much with them."

On being moved from fourth to fifth in the lineup:
"There is definitely less pressure for many reasons. In the four hole you don't get quite as many pitches to hit and tonight I was comfortable in the box. I was seeing it pretty good and I got a couple of good pitches to hit."

Coach Fox interjects, "He will be in the four hole tomorrow."



Coastal Carolina Coach Gary Gilmore

Opening remarks:
"Things didn't go the way we had hoped they would go. Mike [Fox] did a great job with his team getting them prepared. Obviously I'll take all the blame for my team. We weren't very prepared to get the job done and get their hitters out. I don't know what else to say. We failed at the opportunity we had, and we'll the pay the price having to come through the losers bracket, see if we get a shot at them tomorrow."

On when he removed Wheeler:
"It got to a point where you can't get the ball over the plate. You get frustrated. You talk about our five hits. The reason we [usually] don't get five hits, the reason they got 17, their pitchers got them on and off the field. We're out there for marathon half-innings defensively. Baseball is a game of rhythm. When your pitcher gets you on and off the field, you score runs.

"The reason we scored so many against Kansas was a total reversal of this game. That's it. Cody just wasn't himself. He didn't pitch very well in our conference tournament, a lot of very similar things to this. I hoped he would bounce back, and it just happened to not be a better game. Matt Rein did okay.

"I thought the at-bat that broke our back in my mind was the at-bat by Seager, the ball off the end of the bat, the drop-shot in center field. That was the one that kind of broke our back. It was a 6-5 game, two outs, and he hits a ball off the end, a good job of hitting. Rico [Noel]'s out there running them down left and right, and it was the one spot on the field he wasn't able to cover."

On plans for making a run to play on Monday:
"My only plan for Monday at this moment it to make it to about 1:01 p.m. tomorrow then we will make it to 1:02 p.m. I honestly told them out there when we were got done - tomorrow morning when you wake up you let me know if you are on the wall - on the board and if you can give us anything or not. We are going to go pitch by pitch and I have three of my best guys that really basically have not been in the game yet so I am not worried about depth of pitching it is obviously match up now and do the best we can.

"I am not worried about that piece obviously we have two tremendous teams to try to have to get after. Like Friday we can concentrate on one and that is Kansas. Knowing North Carolina is a distant thought at this point and time. We have to play pretty well for three hours before we can even think of that."

On Dustin Ackley:
"He is arguably the best hitter in college baseball. I think that kid from Dartmouth got him out a couple of times - I wonder it we could get him to transfer him [laughs] we could use him tomorrow."

Coastal Carolina sophomore center fielder Rico Noel

On Bunting's 3 RBI double in the gap:
"Any time it happens - when you are up and you run a double in the gap it hurts a lot. It definitely did not bring us out of the game. I mean we battled back from a lot of stuff and we are ready to respond it just did not got the way we wanted it."

On his play running down a couple of shots into the gap:
"A couple of times I have seen the ball well off the bat, got a good jump and I just ran the balls down and try to make plays for my team."

On Colin Bates performance:
"He threw pretty hard. I felt that he was just like their other guys just like their starter Alex White - I mean he compared very similar and that was about it."

On coming back from the loser's bracket:
"We did it in our conference tournament - we came back from a loss. I think our team is ready to respond - we always are. When adversity sets in we respond very well and will step up to the challenge."

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