UNC-KU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Mike Fox, Garrett Gore, Adam Warren and Dustin Ackley, as well as Kansas head coach Ritch Price and his players, following Sunday's 12-1 victory over the Jayhawks at Boshamer Stadium.

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Opening Statement:
"We're very excited to have won another regional. Certainly my hat's off to the other three teams in this regional and the sensational seasons that they've had. We played extremely well today. Probably the most satisfying was our three seniors, of course Garrett [Gore] and Adam [Warren] and Mike McKee contributed and I thought that was even more special.

"Obviously Garrett and the day that he had and Adam on the mound. It kind of made a statement that seniors are important to college baseball to come back. I'm more happy for those two guys, really those three guys counting Mike [McKee], than anything else to win this regional. It was a team effort and I thought we left no doubt today."

On senior Garrett Gore:
"He was [dialed in]. We have seen Garrett [Gore]'s power increase throughout his career a little bit. We have seen him in batting practice hit balls that go halfway up that screen. It is not something we have needed him to do. He is such a free swinger - he has been all over the place for us in lineup the past four years. This year really he has thrown caution to the wind - he has never seen a pitch he doesn't like. [laughs]

"He hasn't walked very much and I have stopped talking to him about it because it doesn't do any good - he just likes to swing so we just put him at the bottom of the order and let him wail away. We had him in the two hole and we tried to get him to take pitches - when Ackley was leading off. You see why he is hard to [gestures] - he is hardheaded. I just let him go. Fortunately he got some pitches today - when he stays inside the ball - I don't think there was any doubt the second one was out. He knew it - he was just pulling your leg. That is as good as he can hit a ball."


On senior Mike McKee getting a base hit in the regional:
"That was really special. He does not get many opportunities to get at bats - especially in a regional where you are not expected to be ahead that much and get a chance to get those guys in. I think it was a really big situation for him - I know he was excited and everyone was excited for him. Seeing him get a hit was really special."

On his hitting throughout the regional:
"I was seeing the ball pretty well, I guess. I mean it helps when you find holes. I've seen weeks where I've seen the ball just like this weekend an I've gotten one or two hits. It's just one of those times where you're finding holes and putting good swings on balls when you get hits. It's just one of those weeks."


On his last two starts:
"I'm throwing strikes. I'm not walking many people. I have a revelation during the 11 days I had off this week and I had found my cutter slider. That was a lot better for me today. And the defense was just unbelievable out there. It's a lot easier to throw strikes when you have those guys out there."

On reaching four straight Super Regional appearances:
"This says a lot about the teams that we have had. We've had a lot of great players here and it's been real special for me, Garrett [Gore], and Mike [McKee] and Mine [Cavassini] also toe be apart of those teams. So, I've enjoyed it all and I'm having a blast out there just being able to play with this group of guys for a couple more weeks."


On his pair of home runs
"To be honest, Coach [Scott] Jackson told me 'Sit slider on the first guy,' and I sat slider but I got a fastball and for some reason I swung. And it went out. And the next at-bat he said 'You're going to get a slider,' and I said 'I'm sitting on it." And I got it. I was legitimately sitting a slider that time. And it went out."

On whether he knew that he hit the home runs:
"It felt good - but like I said I don't hit the ball that far that often. So when I hit it - by the time it gets out I am already to second base. I don't know how to explain this - for instance when Dusty [Ackley] hits the ball - good he can walk out of the box like 'I got it.' [laughs] - when I hit it I have Coach Fox yelling, 'Get your butt to second...' It is what it is - I did not know it was gone until I got to first base and then everything went blank from there."

On not swinging for the fences on his last base hit with two strikes:
"I was swinging for the fence. No lie to you. [Coach Fox] even told me and I don't remember what you said but I said, 'I'm swinging first pitch...' He threw me a slider and I capped it but for some reason I felt comfortable swinging this weekend hitting with two strikes. That always helps so you don't feel as much pressure on you."

On reaching four straight Super Regional appearances:
"I'm just enjoying the ride. I mean it has been unbelievable. I thank God every day that I was blessed to come to school here. This is the reason I came to school at the University of North Carolina. Not only to get a great education but also to try to make it to Omaha and try to play in these big games. I've been fortunate enough to do it and to do it with a special group of guys."




Opening Statement:
"My compliments to North Carolina. Certainly they deserve to be a national seed. I'd also like to congratulate their administration for running a first class regional. This is the best regional I've ever played in."

On the future of his program:
"I think we're obviously excited about getting to the championship game. I don't even know how many teams actually played for the championship in a regional today. It's a big step forward for us obviously, and I think it's one of those things where we're still trying to grow and mature as a team, and I think that we'll be better for the experience a year from now and in the future that we were able to get to the championship game today."


On the home run in the ninth against Patrick Johnson:
We were just behind by a bit and he was challenging hitters and he just threw a fastball up and I tried to do what I could with it with two strikes trying put a ball in play. I got something out over the plate that I could drive and I did what I could with it."

On Adam Warren:
"I think he really spotted up nice. He has pretty good velocity too, and he was painting corners all day. He was getting ahead with the fastball, and he was using his off-speed after his fastball, so he was using everything pretty effectively. He kept us in check most of the day, and hat off to him. He was a fantastic pitcher, one of the best we've seen all year."


On his plan for the Tar Heels:
"The plan is to just get ahead of every hitter. When you fall behind plus a powerful offense like North Carolina has, you can't fall behind because you're just going to get hurt when you do. Hat off to them, they're a great hitting team, and one of the best-hitting teams we've faced all year."

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