UNC-ECU (G1): Postgame Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Mike Fox, Alex White, Kyle Seager and Levi Michael, as well as East Carolina head coach Billy Godwin and his players, following Saturday's 10-1 victory over the Pirates at Boshamer Stadium.

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Opening Statement:
"Certainly a good way for us to start. I thought the story of the game certainly was Alex [White] of course keeping East Carolina at bay a little bit before we had the big inning. He started off a little shaky I think. Not a lot of first-pitch strikes, but we've seen that from Alex before. He can just weather the first couple of innings and he gets stronger as he goes. I think he did that today. It was a good win for us."

On Alex White going into the ninth:
"When I went out to take Alex [White] out, he said, 'Thanks, I really needed this.' ...and that kind of surprised me a little bit because I knew it was never an option for me not to pitch him if he was healthy. Our guys feed off of him. He's tough, a competitor, he doesn't back down and he wants the ball. Whether or not he feels good, he wants to be out there. That's part of the quality of a good leader."

On the big inning in the 6th:
"I thought we were swinging the bat fairly well early and we could not get a big hit or a couple in a row and they turned a double play and their third baseman made a terrific play. We have not had many big innings - but you have to be a little lucky when you have big innings. You have to hit some balls hard - we got a couple base hits to start the inning and then - I thought Garrett Gore's swing with two strikes was probably the biggest hit of the game.

"They are one strike away of getting out of the inning or with a grounder for a double play and he is able to just flip his bat out there - that is an aluminum bat kind of thing. It found a hole we found a hole like Cavasinni's double over the third baseman's head. We just hit some balls where they weren't."

On Sunday's Game 2:
"Well it is one win. I went in there and told [his players], 'It is one win and let's treat it as such. We know how good they are and how competitive they are and we know what they did last weekend and we know what we have been able to at times after a loss.' Nobody is going to quit here so it is nice to get the first one. If you start celebrating too early you will be in trouble. We certainly will not do that."


On his performance:
"Just from the start, I was thinking 'Just get through one inning at a time.' I didn't really know what was going to happen. I had to face one hitter at a time and just collect outs. That's what I tried to do from the start and when I started feeling good, I just started going after guys."

On going out for the ninth:
"Obviously, I wanted to go back out on the mound no matter the pitch count. [The coaches] are looking out for me at all times and I think Coach Fox did a great thing by letting me go back out. It's possibly my last start right here. Who knows? It was just great with the crowd. It was an emotional moment and I enjoyed it."

On pitching after giving up the home run:
"It is pretty easy - you just have to get the next guy out. You have to move on. I made a bad pitch and the guy hit the ball out of the park and there is nothing I can do about it from then on. All you have to do as a pitcher is just move on and throw strikes and get the next guy out."

On what he had working today:
"The two seamer was just used for lefties today - just Whitehead and Roller in their lineup. I was just trying to get both of them to ground out or get underneath it and pop up early in the count." On the fans in attendance:
"It was just a lot of fun. I enjoyed every moment of it - having the Greenville fans here too and having them and the Tar Heel fans - mixed. We have a lot of respect for their team and there is a lot of excitement but it does not mean anything unless we win one of the next two games.

"It was just a great feeling - obviously that is my hometown - that is where I am from and there are a lot of people in the stands cheering for ECU that I know. They just have a respect for the game and they know what is going on and I am glad that they were here and the kind of [people] that could root for a guy from their town."


On White's performance:
"When he's throwing the ball like he was today, you got to give him a little room and support. One inning [ECU] scored and we came back and scored. They scored in the second, we scored in the third. After that - we just got a little confidence. We didn't put too much pressure on ourselves because we knew the way Alex [White] was throwing that we just needed to get a few more runs."

On the Tar Heel offense:
"Hopefully we're clicking. We've been doing some small ball too. We've been executing a bit better down the stretch. Hopefully we're just starting to click a little bit and come together."

On the ECU fans joining the Tar Heel fans in giving Alex White a standing ovation:
"It was really emotional for me. I know how hard this guy worked and what a competitor his is. To see him come off the mound like he did and the way the whole stadium embrace him - even their fans embrace them - that was pretty emotional. It was great - it was perfect and well deserved."


"It wasn't just me and Kyle [Seager], it was a team effort from the beginning. We had double digit hits today. I think ECU just left a couple balls out over the plate and we weren't taking bad swings at them."




Opening Statement:
"Needless to say, this is disappointing. We build up to come out and we get beat 10-1. I just reminded my players a week ago this time we were in the same situation. We have some experience playing in elimination games and that is where we are at - an elimination game. We have to come out and play well tomorrow and I've got a lot of faith in these guys and their character and they'll come out and play as hard as they possibly can."

On their path to Chapel Hill through the losers' bracket:
"I keep our guys very grounded. I think it is important to realize that we're facing a team that's playing very well right now. We're in their backyard and we've got to come out and the score will be 0-0. Any past accomplishments we're certainly not resting on, but Kevin [Brandt's] pitched very well for us and we have a lot of confidence in sending him to the mound."

On Alex White:
"I thought he was pretty good. You guys have to understand - we're talking about one of the best pitchers in the country - that is what we are up against. We hen goes out there and he's commanding his fastball and he's down in the zone and he's throwing it on the black - he's going to beat anybody. Once he settled in he may have beaten the Yankees today. You've got to give him a lot of credit."


On momentum and missed opportunities:
"We had plenty of opportunities today. Whether it's with one out or two outs, we've got to come up big. They had their opportunities, and they get some big hits. A few balls fell in for them, and we couldn't get many to fall in. The beauty is we're not done yet and we've got another game to play. I think that they definitely fed off when [Alex White] would end the inning with a big strikeout - I think they fed off of that."

On Alex White:
"He had a very good fastball and he was working with it all day. He was throwing a very heavy fastball and kept it down at the knees and on the outside corner. We had a few opportunities but could not cash in on it. To his credit he got out of all of those jams and pitched a very good game. I think he settled in. We had some good pitches to hit but fouled them off. When we made good contact it was right at people. We had some big opportunities but could not cash in on them."


"It's part of the game. You make good pitches - sometimes they just get this. They strung together well and they paid off. They scored and had that big inning in the sixth. I don't know how many they had in a row. I was making good pitches - they just put them in play. We really did not change anything we had been doing all year. Throwing strikes and trying to get the breaking ball over for a strike."

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