Draft Q&A: Matt Graham

After a day that began with nerves and ended with celebration, UNC signee Matt Graham was relaxed Wednesday night as he spoke with InsideCarolina.com. The Spring (Texas) Oak Ridge pitcher was drafted in the 6th round by San Francisco.

How did you find out that you were drafted by the San Francisco Giants today?

"I was out playing golf with my dad. We did not want to watch it - it was too nerve racking. My advisor called, Peter Veskovo [with the Select Sports Group], said, 'Hey, the Giants might take you...', then I put the phone down and it starting ringing again and it was a Giants scout and he said, 'We just took you in the sixth round' and I replied that it was awesome and pretty cool."

What does signing with UNC mean to you and how will that impact the process moving forward?

"I am glad that I have a commitment to North Carolina - it is nice that I have a good option and in my eyes I am going to play baseball at one of the top Division I schools in the nation or if I don't do that I will be paid to play the game. You can not ask to do more that that - either way I am very excited."

What was the process like communicating with pro teams when you've expressed a strong desire to play college baseball in Chapel Hill?

"We were pretty open with all the scouts about what it would take [to sign]. I could see how that commitment could scare some people with dealing with school with top contenders for heading to Omaha every year. I definitely can see how people can see that and think that I could go to school - I still might. I could see where that would happen."

After speaking with your advisor, do you think that the negotiations and a decision on college will end up going down to the wire on August 17th?

"We were talking with him today. He said we most likely will be able to work out a deal and get what we are looking for, but if that does not happen I am extremely happy to come to UNC. At the end it is a win-win in my eyes. If he gets it done and the Giants are willing to accept that, then great that is gravy. But if not I'll come to Chapel Hill and I am excited about that, too."

Have you been following the Tar Heels in the postseason?

"I am, I have been following it the whole way. [Alex] White pitched a good game against ECU and so did [Adam] Warren. Hopefully they can get it done. … I was sitting there watching that Super Regional with my dad and we were talking and I was talking with Coach Fox and Forbes. My take on it was the atmosphere there and the opportunity to play in that awesome new stadium there. The atmosphere was crazy."

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