UNC-ASU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

OMAHA, Neb. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Mike Fox, Alex White and Kyle Seager, as well as Arizona State head coach Pat Murphy and his players, following Sunday's 5-2 loss to the Sun Devils at Rosenblatt Stadium.

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Opening statement:
"It was a terrific game. Two outstanding pitchers went head-to-head. Alex did a great job. It all comes down to a big hit and we didn't get it done. We got to give hats off to Arizona State. They played better than us today."

On ASU's approach on the field during warm-ups and youth on team:
"I don't know if I buy the inexperience. They've played 60 plus games this year already. They were ready to play. They pitched well and played defense well."

On the effect of the wind picking up in the 10th inning:
"I'm not exactly sure what happened out there. The wind was kind of swirling a bit… It was just one of those unfortunate things. I feel bad for Garrett. It happens."


On Arizona State pitcher Josh Spence:
"He threw a lot of off-speed. He threw off-speed in fastball counts. He mixed it up really well. He moved it in-and-out, and he did a good job of keeping us off balanced, I guess."

On if the experience over the past four years will help them:
"Hopefully we can kind of relax now and won't panic. We have a tough road ahead, but if we don't panic we can do it."


On his performance and on losing the game:
"Obviously this was a tough game, I thought we played well, so did they. I spotted my fastball well and that is the biggest thing with me. This is a tough loss, but the good thing is that we get to play again."

On if the experience over the past four years will help them:
"I agree [with Kyle Seager], we've got a tough road ahead, we can't lose again but we have the team to do it."




Opening statement:
"I commend [Alex] White and the whole team. We hung in there. White and UNC competed and turned it up a notch. It was pretty special. I'm proud of our guys, we hung in there and it wasn't pretty. I'm proud of Kole (Calhoun). He is the definition of competition, he's a great competitor. It was a different game and I'm proud of our guys."

On starting Josh Spence on the mound:
"It was a good move. Spence had been going for us on Friday during the year before he got hurt. He was magnificent today."

On the dropped fly ball in the tenth inning:
"I think it was lost in the sun. In my notes from 2005, I have a note about the sun being rough in right field and at second base."


On his team's lack of Omaha experience compared to UNC:
"We've been saying this all along, it's just our way of playing baseball: We try not to take in the circumstances and the atmosphere and stuff like that. We do have a lot of young guys and the excuse can be made that it's been our crutch all year, but it hasn't."

On his 10th inning home run:
"If you'd have seen the ball that landed in the outfield [in the bottom of the 10th inning] that ball kind of took off on us. I got the 1-1 pitch up in the wind, and the wind took over. I was trying to have a better at-bat than my one before, and it wasn't hard. [Coach Murphy] told me to take what he gives me, and I did and hit it into left center. Fortunately it got up in the air."


On working out of a couple critical situations:
"I can't really take credit for either of those things. Carlos [Ramirez] called a great game, and I'm just in the palm of his hand; he tells me what to do and I do it."


On his team's inexperience:
"We've talked all year about how we're not going to let [our youth] affect how we play on the diamond. Yeah, at first you're a little jittery, but we've had a chance to settle in over the last couple days and we have."

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