Wears Excited to Get Started

Travis and David Wear packed up Saturday night and made the cross-country trip to Chapel Hill on Sunday. Like most teenagers, there had been some procrastinating, but even last minute packing worries couldn't dampen the brothers' excitement to finally arrive in North Carolina and begin their careers as Tar Heels.

"We're both really excited," Travis said. "We've been talking to the other guys in this class and we're already excited to become part of the program. We're just ready to get there and get started in the program and in class."

The incoming class of Leslie McDonald, Dexter Strickland, John Henson and the Wears have had plenty of opportunities to grow familiar with one another at various camps. Still, Travis says that heading to school with his twin brother helps to ease any nerves there may be about packing up and moving so far away.

"We're not real nervous. I know we'll be fine," he said. "It's nice because you have somebody to really turn to and somebody who knows you. It's a lot easier with him being there."

At UNC, Travis -- who will wear No. 43 -- and David -- who will wear No. 34 -- will room with sophomore center Tyler Zeller. From the sounds of it, the older Zeller has already been filling in them in on what will be expected from them.

"We haven't really talked to (the coaches) too much about it," Travis said of what will be expected of them this summer. "But, we talked to Tyler about it and he said that the sooner you get here the better. You get to get around the guys, get into the weight room and really get going. You also get acclimated to the classes and all."

Arriving on campus to play for a team whose fans are still celebrating the 2009 national championship, the Wears know that they will face high expectations. As far as they are concerned, that part will take care of itself and they wouldn't have chosen UNC if they were worried about expectations.

"We don't know what the atmosphere and pressure will really be like, but we're sure it will be high off of the national championship," Travis said. "After winning it last year, we'll be feeling a lot of pressure to try and win another one.

"That's why you choose a school like North Carolina. You want to play on a higher scale and we are a program that is expected to win the title every year. I like that."

Initially it'll be more about making the transition and becoming accustomed to a different lifestyle.

"I think we'll need some getting used to it but I think we're ready for college basketball and whatever it will take to be a college basketball player."

David Wear
Travis Wear

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