UNC-USM: Postgame Quotes + Audio

OMAHA, Neb. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Mike Fox, Adam Warren, Dustin Ackley and Ryan Graepel, as well as Southern Miss head coach Corky Palmer and his players, following Tuesday's 11-4 victory over the Golden Eagles at Rosenblatt Stadium.

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Opening statement:
"First of all I would like to echo all that has been said about Corky Palmer. He has a very distinguished career. Thirty-two years at Southern Mississippi. It was just an honor to be on the field with him today. It was just a terrific ride that his team took him on. It was a strange box score for me. I never felt we had the game won until the last out. We had 23 hits. We had contributions from everyone."

On Ackley:
"Everyone saw today what I've seen for three years from Dustin Ackley. I'm glad the country had a chance to see what we've seen. And we've needed it. It was a good win. One more step. Very happy to be still playing."

On whether he thought Dustin Ackley would be the player he is today when he recruited him:
"I don't think any coach would think that. It's just a credit to what he's done. I'm at a loss for words. He's hit ever since he came to campus. I knew we had a special player ever since he came in the fall. He's been consistent for us. As I said before, I've had the best seat in the house watching him. I'd be very shocked if we have another player like him again."


On breaking the CWS hitting streak record:
"Today was one of those days were I was hitting the balls into the right hole. I was getting good hits. It's exciting to break the record. I heard about having the chance to do it, but it's bigger for us to win the game."

On having experience playing at the CWS:
"With every game we get more and more relaxed. We've been in a lot of elimination games and we know what to do."


On moving up in the lineup:
"It doesn't really matter. It took the pressure off as far as what pitches were coming at me. I saw the ball well today."


On his performance today:
"My command on my fastball was bad today, but I battled through. It was one of those outings where my command was not there, but it got better as I went along. "




Opening statement:
"Today was a tough day, kind of my worst nightmare. North Carolina is a good club, they hit well, pitch well and played good defense. We just didn't match up very well with seven left-handers in the lineup. We had a magical season, our kids played great and you can't ask more than what we've done over the past three weeks. I'm real glad these guys let me work a little longer, it wasn't me it was them."

On the play of his three seniors:
"These three are tremendous guys, very loyal to me and to the program. They were the focus of this team entering the season, dog gone it, they only played 15 games together all season with injuries and all. We still did pretty good though."

If this was his most satisfying season and how he leaves the program:
"I leave it with an outstanding coach, Berry has been my associate head coach for the last six seasons and I've worked with him for the past 15 years. Going to Omaha, winning Regionals and Super Regionals this was the most satisfying season, it was a capper for us."


On his emotions after the College World Series:
"It's tough. You never want to lose, you want to win until the end and go out on top. We played hard and locked in, and we played hard on every pitch. We've got to hold our heads high right now – we're not going to hold our heads down. We went out in the College World Series, and that's a great place to go out."


On Ackley:
"It seemed like every time I shaded the middle he'd hit it through the four-hole, and every time I shaded the four-hole he'd hit it up the middle. The guy can just flat-out hit… We always heard about him coming into this game, but to watch him – the guy hits the ball where it's pitched, he's got great hand-eye coordination and you can't strike him out. The only time we got him out, that ball was hit really hard. That was quite a show he put on for us today."


on ending his college career at the College World Series:
"It's very special for me. I've said this time and time again… I never thought I'd get to play college ball again [after being injured], and for these guys to push through these last few weeks was very special for me. Just to get my last at-bat really caps it off… It's been overwhelming for me really. To end my career like this is truly phenomenal for me."

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